About The Chronic

The Colchester Chronicle is a hyperlocal blog for Colchester. By this we mean that we bash out blog posts about anything that catches our interest around town.

We’ve been here before of course.

The Chronic was originally launched back in January 2012. We had a bit of fun, met some LOVELY people and even managed to stay awake during CBC Planning Committee meetings.

But a change of lifestyle led The Chronic elsewhere. It became rather difficult to blog about Colchester when you live in South London.


But now we’re back.

Sort of.

The ‘we‘ is ‘me‘ – I’m Jason Cobb. I spend half my time in Colchester, half my time in South London.

Which all means that I can’t be as prolific as I previously was with The Chronic. But I like to think that doing something – ANYTHING – is better than nothing at all.

The plans is to focus on the hyperlocal political decision making. This may sound partisan and tribal; hopefully the outcome will be something more positive.

Colchester Borough Council is making decisions every day that impact on our area and individual lives. We hope that The Chronic Pt II can find enough time and energy to explore some of these decisions in a little more detail.

Most of the content will be twitter based. We make no apologies for spunking out 140 characters or less, compared to crafting a blog post. You work within your means and create something that is… sustainable.

Apologies also to the local traders, sports teams, arts folk, makers, doers, no good doers and anyone else that has very kindly helped us out in the past. We’re not saying NO to non-political stories, but it is all about being realistic with what you can achieve with your time.

If you have any possible stories for The Chronic, or if you just want to say hellooo and invite us out for drink, then please do contact us.

It’s turned out nice again, Sunny Colch.