C Tax up 3%, Car Park Fees Unchanged, Bikini Wax Frozen

It’s coming round to that time of year once again when attention turns to BUDGETS at the Town Hall.

Oh joy.

And so on the agenda [pdf] for the CBC Cabinet meeting for 21st November we have:

2019/20 Revenue Budget, Fees and Charges and Financial Reserves

This is usually the cue for The Chronic to do a runner with Netflix and chill time with @ColchesterViews.

But it’s actually all rather interesting; plus it’s bloody relevant to how we go about our lives around the town.

The agenda item for next Wednesday is basically an update on the current Budget situation. The final proposals for the 2019/20 Budget will be made at the December Cabinet meeting.

In Revised Lower Budget Gap News: there is a revised lower budget gap of £213,000. This is an improvement on the £334,000 gap that was reported back in September to Cabinet.

And so where have the savings been made?

The Sport and Leisure Futures Review had led to a £100,000 saving.

How so?

“The aim of the new structure is to deliver a more agile and empowered leadership team.”

aka three job losses.

We also learn that CBC is budgeting upon a 3% increase in Council Tax for the next year. This works out at £5.49 for a Band D property.

The funding for Parish, Town and Community Councils is also contained in the proposals. There is a 13% reduction across the board.

It’s hard work being at the bottom of the food chain in #localgov.

The report also includes the annual highlight of listing ALL the new charges for the huge range of services on offer from CBC.

It always raises a smile…

There is no change in the £95 per head charge for the Oyster Feast piss up.

If you want to hire out the Castle Park Bandstand then it will cost you £40 an hour.

Who knew?

There is a slight reduction in the High Street market pitches for a Saturday. These will be priced at £29.10 for the new financial year, compared to the current fee of £30.20.

Entrance to Colchester Castle will rise by 5p for adults to £10.

Car parking charges remain unchanged.

There is a slight increase in the cost of a swim at Leisure World [we got a little lost in the detail.]

If you want to maintain your bikini line at Leisure World then this fee will remain the same at £12.

We’re not making this shit up.

Finally there is a surprise reduction for a Sex Shop Licence.

The bottom has fallen out of the market, apparently.


Don’t tell Andy Hamilton.


One thought on “C Tax up 3%, Car Park Fees Unchanged, Bikini Wax Frozen

  • 16th November 2018 at 7:40 pm

    What about cutting or, better still, abolishing the allowances paid to Colchester Borough Councillors?

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