Bloody Garden Villages Back for More DOSH

Another day, another propaganda piece about the bloody Garden Villages.

Rome Colchester wasn’t built in a day etc; but if building the bloody Garden Villages was as easy as putting pen to paper then the MEGA CITIES would already be upon us.

And so for your reading this morning we have another signed letter from the BIG THREE Leaders at Tendring, Braintree and Essex County Council.

Cllr Tim Young of CBC has also signed the missive whilst his boss Cllr Mark Cory is on a bit of a Busman’s Holiday.

It’s easy to lose track of where the bloody Garden Villages are at, such is the spinning and lobbying that is taking place behind the scenes.

And so we will summarise it for you:

They’re F-ed.

That nice government Inspector couldn’t possibly use such colourful language. No doubt Civil Servants are running Whitehall right now saying that Brexit is ‘unsound.’

You may remember how last week the BIG THREE and Tim wrote to the Inspector to outline their decision to carry on regardless.

And whaddya know – before the Inspector has even been given the decency to reply, a press release has been put out saying how bloody brilliant everyone is.

Talk about getting your excuses in early.

Let’s get down to business – or rather the business plan [STOP IT] that it is claimed will soon be appearing for the unsound scheme.

“Over the next few weeks Braintree, Colchester, Tendring and Essex County Councils will be considering the interim business plan for North Essex Garden Communities Ltd (NEGC Ltd).”

NEGC is actually you and me – and the many thousands of other residents who are paying public money to prop up the publicly-owned limited company that is trying to push through the unsound plans.

Sounds undemocratic?

You may need to have a shifty [pdf] as to which CBC Cllr’s voted in favour of gifting the company £250,000 of public funds to set it up back in July 2016.

And guess what?

Two years and an ‘unsound’ plan later, and they are at it again.

CBC is being asked to gift NEGC a further £100,000 for the next financial year:

“The councils are being asked to agree the budget for the Garden Communities programme and this includes a proposal that each council agrees a contribution of £100,000 for this financial year.”

Two weeks ago The Chronic sat through a CBC Full Council meeting where we heard political posturing about how our Council is at “breaking point.”

Fancy that.

CBC Cabinet is expected to approve the further spending to help fund the PR push of NEGC at the Cabinet meeting on 21st November.

This is a public meeting with limited speaking rights.

The outcome of the ‘discussions’ will have already been agreed by the ‘progressive alliance’ in a stitch up deal behind closed doors ahead of the meeting.

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