Arts Centre Appeals for Aviva Funding for Arts Bus

The Colchester Magic Community Bus is looking for support to help transform a double decker into a vehicle to deliver art.

Any project that contains the words Colchester, Magic and Community gets our support.

No surprises to see that Anthony Roberts and the team at Colchester Arts Centre are behind the bid .

The project has pitched in for Aviva Community Funding. This is an annual scheme where local organisations can ask the public to vote on their projects.

Aviva will finance 500 projects up to the value of £25,000 per project.

The Magic Community Bus is looking for between £10,000 – £25,000 to take the Sunny Colch arts show out on the road.

The Arts Centre owns the old London Routemaster. It was a regular site around the town up until around five years ago.

Sadly it has fallen into a state of disrepair over recent years.

The proposal is simple: tart up the bus, and then take it out and deliver art to people who might not be able to make it to the Arts Centre:

“Our bus will journey into the places where no provision exists, it will transform lives, it will offer a voice to the unheard, it will be both a physical vehicle on the streets and a vehicle for change in the lives of the disadvantaged.”

Inclusion is a strong theme at the Arts Centre. Anthony and the team recently secured a £499,000 Arts Council grant to improve access at the Arts Centre.

But back to the bus:

“Our Magic Bus proposal is a radical, inventive, creative, and ambitious answer to reaching out beyond the walls of our building. In essence is a simple idea, if people can’t come to us, well we shall come to them!”

Anyone can register to vote to help out the Arts Centre. Once signed up you have ten votes. These needn’t all be used to back the Magic Community Bus.

It might sound like a crude way of achieving funding, but it has worked for others in our patch. Colne Radio was successful in receiving Aviva funding to help it become a community radio station.

Voting is open now.

You have until 20th November to place your votes.

All aboard!

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