Cable Amnesty Coming to Colchester Arts Centre

A Cables Amnesty is coming to Colchester Arts Centre in an attempt to cut down on clutter.

The event will be taking place on the back of the Farmer’s Market on the morning of Friday 2nd November.

We rather like the connection between ditching tech, and then buying up back to the land goodness.

The Amnesty is the brainchild of the Sunny Colch Cable Kings Anthony Roberts of the Arts Centre, and Cllr Darius Laws.

The duo are most definitely not cable drawer deniers:

“The hairball of cables flourishes under a dangerous ubiquitous umbrella that allows its continuous growth. This umbrella is a dangerous phrase which gives license for the cables to multiply and grow unfettered.

This phrase is very very powerful. Saying this phrase is like feeding fertiliser to Japanese Knotweed.

Whisper it quietly…

That might come in handy sometime.”


It won’t.

That Nokia charger isn’t going to see any action anytime soon.

Prizes will be awarded on the day for the rarest cable, most valuable, most dangerous and the sexiest.

If that don’t TURN YOU ON then you ‘aint got no switches, etc.

Or cables.

And so what will happen to all the ethernet splitters that will no doubt form a pile taller than Jumbo?

Those nice folk at the CBC Environmental Team will take them away for recycling.

A collection service is also available. Call 07814 695598 to request a pick up.

One thought on “Cable Amnesty Coming to Colchester Arts Centre

  • 30th October 2018 at 1:33 pm

    So do I just deliver them to the Arts Centre this week?

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