Vote NOW! Vote Often. Hang on…

The polls open at 7am to elect seventeen Cllr’s to Colchester Borough Council.

And so why bloody vote?

Much like the local Tories, if you abstain on key issues then you have no right to question what the Council is doing.

*although to be fair, the rebooted Tories Mk II under Darius did at least put forward an alt Budget this year*

It really is that simple. No vote, no moaning comments underneath those Gazette articles.

And while we’re at it, fair play to all the candidates who have put themselves forward to represent their communities.

You just do what you can, yeah?

After giving it the big build up then we hate to tell you: not a lot will change.

The BONKERS election by thirds system means that it is a tough ask for any opposition party to build up momentum across the borough.

The figures don’t make great reading for Darius and his pals. They will emerge holding the largest number of seats, but they are unlikely to be in power.

The blue rinse lot need to take three seats off either the LibDems or Labour, AND keep their existing seats.

Some of these look less favourable than others…

Colchester Conservatives are keen to have a more traditional electoral system where all 51 council seats are up for grabs every four years.

They put forward the ideological Tory argument that it will save money.

This is true, but it would also enable them to wipe out the LibLabIndie alliance if an election takes place when the coalition is not delivering.

Which will probably be this time next week.

The current system only allows for different coloured chairs to be swapped around the Cabinet table.

Perhaps what is at stake when we go out and vote is the power balance in the Cabinet.

It’s all happy, happy joy joy whenever the LibLab lot meet up around the big table.

Behind the scenes and they bloody hate each other.

Plots take place to try and oust rival party members from the Cabinet. The election door knocking thing can turn particularly nasty if you ask one coalition member about their rival pals.

We’re not painting a very pretty picture about why you should support local politics here, are we?

But endorsing a party or a local politician doesn’t just take place during the electoral cycle. We should hold them to account at every opportunity.

This is particularly true of the careerists in the Cabinet. For some this is their full time job.

‘Playing poxy party politics’ – what a job description to put on your CV. It’s no wonder they would be left high and dry back in the real world of work.

So please do vote.

Please do vote wisely.

It is patronising crap, but consider the person you are voting for and what they can achieve for your little local patch.

We aren’t voting in an ideological battle between Corbyn’s democratic socialism and the hard right Brexiteers in the Tory Cabinet.

We are voting on who is best placed to sort out dog poo in our neighbourhoods.

…although it is interesting that to see that Sunny Colch could wake up on Friday morning with the first Momentum Cllr at the Town Hall.

And don’t even think about spoiling your ballot paper.

Drawing a great big fat spunking cock in the polling booth might be liberating. But on election night no one pays attention to these.

EVERY vote really matters. The candidates and their agents scramble around the count tables, desperate to see one more cross in their name.

Do your bit for local democracy, and then keep on doing it all year round. Ask questions about what your local Cllr is doing for your community.

They really do work for you.

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