Wheelie Bin WOW

Colchester Borough Council has filed a patent for: Transport-Enabled Units of Refuse – WHEELIE BINS to you and me.

With the wheelie bin trial across some wards being rolled out in a few months, CBC has started to make preparations.

The Chronic has seen a draft document to patent the transport-enabled units of refuse. It states that bog-standard wheelie bins are not suitable. This is because not all of the borough wards are making the wheelie bin switch.

Instead the Council has hired a London design team to come up with a solution. The six month project has led to a hybrid of a traditional domestic bin with retractable wheels.

The design means that the current fleet of refuse trucks won’t need to be updated. The transport-enabled units of refuse can be collected by the refuse team – with or without wheels.

London design agency bitznbins was commissioned by CBC after similar work carried out last year in Burnley. The crack team came up with the idea of reusable black bin liners. The Burnley bin men empty the sacks on their truck, and then throw the empty bin liners back into the front garden.

The patent document prepared by CBC describes how the new Colchester bins will work. If you are in a wheelie bin ward then you will be supplied with a ‘movement platform’. This looks a little like a square skateboard with four wheels.

The idea is that residents can easily place their bins on the movement platform when it is their collection day.

Higher class wards such as Wivenhoe will be able to keep their existing bin arrangements. Most residents in Wivenhoe are able to afford retro metallic dustbins from architectural salvage yards.

CBC is confident that the transport-enabled units of refuse will be able to help boost the finances of the borough. If successful then the units will be sold to other local authorities that aren’t blessed with the local government brains that we can boast in Colchester.

One thought on “Wheelie Bin WOW

  • 27th June 2017 at 6:31 pm

    This is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read, the brains that we can boast in Colchester, my eye, just look at the mess they make of traffic flow to judge their IQ level.

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