Colchester based charity The Robin Cancer Trust has launched a campaign for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month:

#You’re Not Ovaryacting

The charity has teamed up with local businesses. The outcome is a social media campaign to encourage females to be aware of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio, Racket Video and Joli Studies have all helped the RCT in producing a video.

Claire Neal, Trustee of The Robin Cancer Trust, said:

“It was fantastic to have the support of local businesses and see our idea come to life. We hope this fun and engaging campaign will raise awareness in young woman as ovarian cancer is not a silent killer if the symptoms can be recognised early.”

The RCT was founded in 2012 following the death of Robin Freeman, aged just 24. He was diagnosed with germ cell cancer in January 2011.

The RCT aims to raise awareness of germ cell cancers, which includes both testicular and ovarian cancers, in 16-35 year olds.

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