Lakeside Luvvies

The new spring and Summer season for the Lakeside Theatre has just been published.

Actually , we tell a lie – the schedule has already been running for a couple of weeks, leaving the Chronic’s hit and miss highlights already out of date.


Most people around Sunny Colch are familiar with the fantastic work being carried out by the Mercury, the Arts Centre etc. High profile politicians are always to keen to keep up the PR part of their profile.

We often feel that the Lakeside gets a little lost in all of this Luvvie love in.

It’s a short bus ride up to Boundary Road. The programme and prices can certainly punch above their weight when compared to others around town.

The 2017 spring and summer schedule is no exception: student theatre, NFT screenings and sh!t theatre – it’s all there at Wivenhoe Park.

As is customary with these Chronic round ups, we simply can’t praise every single performance.

We’re not qualified / haven’t got the time to offer up a professionaal apraisal. You’ll probably get more value making your own mind up with the full programme.

But here is our Tail on a Donkey diary dates that we have ring fenced:

18 February: The Vagina Monologues. Presented by the Women of Essex University – relevent now, more than ever.

14 – 15 March: The Dumb Waiter. We remember this Pinter piece from our Drama ‘O’ Level days. We’re expecting something a little more compelling at the Lakeside than our Grace C.

12 May: Mystery and Momentum. WARNING: jugglers are involved. But an outdoor fire show by the Lakes is promised as well. Phew.

25 May: Sh!t Theatre. Nope – IT REALLY IS SH!T THEATRE.

Letters to Windsor is the latest performance from the pairing. It explores the housing crisis against the backdrop of Royal priviledge.

And then we have the BIG BOYS and GIRLS being beamed in from London. The RSC’s Tempest, Twelfth Night and Julius Ceasar all feature.

The NT meanwhile will be coming to Sunny Colch via the big screen, with live performances of No Man’s Land (McKellen and Stewart) and Amadeus.

ROCK ME, etc.

The Hook Open Mic continues every Friday during term time from 9pm. Just turn up and either strum or sit back and enjoy.

Plus a Tail on the Donkey overview wouldn’t do justice to the Lakeside Youth Theatre.

But yep – it’s there.

And so not so sh!t after all.

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