Shroud of Sunny Colch

Whilst we are in CBC Planning mode, it is worth a brief run through of one of the other applications that the esteemed members of the Planning Committee will be considering when it next meets at the Town Hall on 3 March.

We are talking about the Sunny Colch Shroud here:

“Advertisement consent for a shroud to be placed on the front elevation showing the proposed creative business centres.”


Generations to come will remain perplexed at to what the chuffers this mystical piece of cloth comes to represent when they dig it up from some Colchester landfill site in a couple of hundred years.

Anyone who has wandered along Queen Street of late would have been privileged to have already seen the Sunny Colch Shroud first hand.

It was ERECTED shortly after the New Year as a chest-beating signal to show that after three years of ‘funding uneasiness,’ CBC has finally got its arse in gear to do something with the Old Police Station.

But wait! What’s this?

Why is the CBC Planning Committee considering the Sunny Colch Shroud when it is already blowing around in the February wind down at St Botolph’s?

We’re talking retrospective planning permission here.

Someone at CBC forgot to apply for permission.


The apolitical Officer report argues:

“St Botolphs quarter is in the process of transformation. Firstsite is located nearby and 15 Queen Street has become an important cultural hub. The former bus station and St James’ House and Roman House are proposed for redevelopment.”

*some* of these statement may – or may not – benefit from further scrutiny…

The Sunny Colch Shroud itself measures 8 metres high by 17.3 metres wide and is 2.45 metres from ground level. It hardly alters the current ‘cultural’ landscape of Queen Street.

But what happens to the Sunny Colch Shroud once it has served its purpose?

If only there was a Wonderhouse vanity vision to house historical artefacts of Sunny Colch artistic significance nearby.