Hey Big Spender

We’re just leaving an online note here for ourselves as a reminder, rather than as any significant Sunny Colch story to present.

Basically we’re trying to have a shifty at the local election expenses for May 2016.

These took place almost three months ago now.


It is the democratic right of residents to request and view what each candidate spent in the run up to the elections.

Except CBC is being a bit of a pain in the arse to be honest.

This might seem like a minor issue, but don’t forget that Sir Bob of Sunny Colch was almost caught with his big yellow pants down back in 2015, plus there is an ‘ongoing‘ investigation regarding Will Quince MP, after an ex-Cllr tired to shop him in.

Back at the bottom of the political pecking order and the transparency question is still equally as valid.

Election agents [HELLO Tim!] understand the rules and are expected to abide by them.

And so we asked Democratic Services when would be a suitable time to make our way to Sheepen Road for a look through the receipts.


We asked again via email.

After a short wait and we were told by the Legal Services Manager Andrew Weaves that his staff were too busy with the impending EU Referendum.


Easy, fella, etc.

And so we waited patiently until after the Brexit balls up, and politely asked again.

A short wait, and Mr Weavers passed us down the email food chain to one of his officers.

This officer then kept on passing the CBC parcel, with the info for another officer to now contact.

We have been trying to do this for the past week.

Has Sheeepen Road fallen off the grid?

Emails have been ignored.

We called the phone number we were given.

A fax machine started to dial up.


And so just how difficult is it for a resident to find out how much dosh a local politician in Sunny Colch has spent on being elected?

Bloody difficult it seems.

Which is a shame, as we have *ahem* certain wards that we would like to finger.


Mr Weavers?

Mr Pritchard?