Ballot Paper Bobbins

We’re heading out on a SUNNYCOLCH BENDER for the next 48 hours.

No sleep till Berechurch, etc.


So yeah, the Chronic will be at Charter Hall with the Big Boys and Girls of proper meeja land for the folly that is the DOUBLE ENTRY of election results.

Up first tonight we have the sideshow of the General Election.



And then for our Friday night fun the REAL action gets underway at Charter Hall with the election count for the latest BONKERS election by thirds for CBC.

We’ve absolutely no idea what to expect. As ever, we are making this up as we go along – nope, WE REALLY ARE MAKING THIS UP…

Do join us online for the big bender.

We have been promised CBC WiFi and a clean toilet in which to go and lock ourselves in and cry, should it all get too much.

The GE count gets underway at Charter Hall at 9pm. But there will be bugger all to report on until around 4am.

We will try and amuse ourselves by spunking out tweets about the colour of the socks of each candidate.

And then we’ll go and fall asleep in a bush just outside of Leisure World, and then wake up at around 4pm on Friday and do it all over again for the local election count.

An awful lot is at stake for our town for the latter, if not the former. More of this to come on Friday evening.

But for now, just go and bloody vote if you haven’t already.

We don’t give a toss about democracy. But no votes means that we have bugger all to tweet about.

See on the other side, Comrades.