Settlement Uncertainty

This is slightly odd – and we’d most certainly appreciate some online clarification in the comments below:

Data over here seems to suggest that Colchester Borough Council has come off relatively well following the local government settlement announced today.

Our reading of the figures suggests that the 2015/16 settlement for Sunny Colch is actually UP 0.1%.

The Gazette however is trailing with a 15.3% CUT.

PLEASE tell us that The Chronic still hasn’t improved on our piss poor maths calculations. We could just about live with a 0.1% rise, but a WHOPPING 15.3% cut for the borough would be devastating.

*an insider sort of chap has just mailed us with the very plausible explanation that Department for Communities and Local Government maths is always WEIRD*

So there.

What we think is happening here is that The Gazette is going with the direct grant from DCLG. With other calculations taken into account though, this still leaves a 0.1% increase – up 0.34p per household, per year.

Think of how many bin liners you could blag with that.

If the 0.1% increase holds true, then this is something of a result for the borough. It may not sound like much, but the 0.1% increase is OUR 0.1% increase and so we’re gonna bloody shout about it.

Elsewhere [hellooo!] and figures such as a 5% decrease are not unknown.

Plus this graphic below seems to suggest that the recent localgov settlement was ideologically led…

What we can confidently predict is that CBC is highly unlikely to put up Council Tax bills.

At least we are in agreement with The Gazette on something.

It hasn’t got anything to do with any overall increase or decrease in the settlement, simply the financial hit that CBC will have to take in putting in place a referendum if a rise above 1.99% is implemented.

Meanwhile Full Council might soon be able to legally offer secular prayers ahead of a meeting. The backbench Bill has received backing from Tory Communities Minister Penny Mordaunt.

Prayers ahead of Full Council have always troubled us slightly. We had no idea that by law, these actually aren’t permitted.

But given the localgov settlement offered up today, we’re beginning to think that they are no bad thing.

Dear God, just give us the chuffing money.