Mercury Meanderings

The pantomime season is upon.


Hang on, we haven’t even packed the summer holiday suitcases yet.

But it’s NEVER too early to start counting down to Dick Whittington at The Mercury this Christmas.

Which must all mean that the ACE Mercury has released details of the schedule for the autumn and and winter months.

What else is a toff around town supposed to do?

As ever, the scope is simply too big for The Chronic to do it any justice in a hit and miss blog post. is your friend here.

But that doesn’t stop us from getting out the Sunny Colch magic marker and putting some big rec circles in our calendar around some of the personal highlights.

And so here are just some of the standout shows for us.

Toffs LOVE panto btw.

Oh no they…

First off, DICK is in Sunny Colch from 26 November to 8 January. We are sure that he will find the backstreets around Jumbo paved with gold.

Joe Swift brings his green fingers to town on 20 September. Ian Lavender from Dad’s Army will have an audience at the Mercury the following day.

Don’t tell him your name, Pike!

And then whaddya know: Michael Jackson moonwalks into Sunny Colch a day later on 22 September.

Disclaimer, disclaimer, etc.

The Mercury’s commitment to offering a platform for Colchester based shows will be seen on 24 September with the Colchester Military Wives Choir on stage.

The first BIG SHOW of the season is Much Ado About Nothing, running from 30 September, 15 October.

The fantastic Colchester Comedy Festival brings us the Colchester New Comedian of the Year form 5 October to 13 October.

We’re half expecting a CBC Full Council meet to feature as part of this event.

Rich Hall is a BIG HITTER coming to Sunny Colch as part of the Comedy Festival on 9 October.

Half term week brings us The Girl and the Giraffe from October 24 – October 26.

What is is with this town and long necks?

We have a little trepidation about Sweeney Todd after a recent visit to a St Botolphs’s based barbers. But yeah – the blades will be out at The Mercury from 26 October to 12 November.

The new year brings us Jekyll and Hide from 18 January to 29 January. Plus The Play That Goes Wrong – which doesn’t inspire us with much confidence – running from 30 January to 4 February.

Time and tide prevents us from writing a little more about Mercury Youth Theatre, Make It (new programme for participation) and the Mercury Theatre Talent Initiative.

But it’s all there – either online, or via the always enjoyable read that is The Mercury printed guide.

We turned to the back of the guide for booking info, but couldn’t find a price category for ‘toffs’.

Fancy that.