Sunny Colch Independence

Who would be the MP for Sunny Colch?

Certainly not LibDem Cabinet member Cllr Dominic Graham.

After shaping up for what looked like a probable attempt to be the LibDem candidate at the next General Election – which could possibly be sooner than we think, given IDS suddenly finding a conscience – The Chronic *understands* that personal circumstances has led Dom to have a re-think.

Which all makes it slightly ODD that the CBC Cabinet member took to Twitter early on Saturday morning to have a pop at Will Quince MP.

Like we said – who would be the MP for Sunny Colch?

Damned if you do, etc.

Annoying Dom at such an un-Godly hour was the fact that the Tory MP for the town had the balls not to be whipped into line by his right wing government.

The rotter!

We’ve never had Quince down as the Indie Kid of Sunny Colch with a shoe-gazing fixation, but he is certainly behaving ever so slightly independent in recent weeks.

A Newsnight appearance on the day of the Budget to speak out against the Sugar Tax (remember that?), and then later in the week offering up a critical voice to the cutting of Personal Independent Payments made by his party.

And so our man in waiting Dom wanted to know if Quince is still a Conservative or not.

Which was all slightly strange, seeing as though the lame LibDem attack of late has been to criticise Quince for *not* acting independently.


‘ave a word, Mr Barlow etc.

Quince probably takes an absolute bollocking each Monday morning back in the whips office, each time that he speaks out.

Sure – when it comes down to some of the most savage Tory cuts, then he tows the party line. That’s the nature of partisan politics and a government with a wafer thin minority, and looking increasingly unstable by the hour.

But at least he gets to actually make that decision to act independently or not, eh Dom?