Cashing in on Campus

If you wanted to take out financial advice on how to avoid another international banking crisis, whom would you turn to?

A banker?


We remain optimistic about the appearance of Steve Bateman, Head of UK Banking for Santander, at the University of Essex on 28 November for a public lecture.

The Big Bad Crash was some six years ago. Santander seems to have emerged rather well (although its credit rating was reduced.)

We’re no economists here at The Chronic, but we did raise a wry smile when the ‘Head of Philanthropy’ over at Wivenhoe Park invited us to Steve’s public lecture next month.

“As Head of UK Banking for Santander UK, Steve Pateman has a unique insight into the economic recovery. Santander has not only managed to survive the crisis in UK banking, but thrive through its innovative and forward thinking approach.

Central to this is the bank’s focus on the wider impact of their work, supporting Universities, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Steve will also reflect on the challenges and opportunities this creates for Essex students.”

Disclaimer: Santander is one of the University’s ‘most significant supporters.’


We see.

Here’s hoping that the big banking love in will also show an appreciation of the excellence that the University’s other departments are able to achieve.

The good Prof Anthony Forester – the VC at the University – will also be on hand at the free event next month.

Q and A’s are promised.

It may be a good opportunity to ask the VC exactly what the chuffers a Knowledge Gateway is.

But don’t bank on it.

FREE tickets over here.