Sir Bob Hits the Buffers

Sir Bob of Sunny Colch has been busy on the railways.

So would you if you spent half your time going back and forth between North Station [ALWAYS NORTH STATION] and Liverpool Street.

And those bloody on board toilets ‘aint getting no better either.

But anyway.

Back to Sir and the choo choos.

On Tuesday the MP for Sunny Colch put forward the following question to the Secretary of State for Transport:

“To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, if he will make it his policy to issue guidance to (a) Network Rail and (b) train operating companies that they should implement a replacement programme to introduce LED lighting in their premises.”

We could think of more pressing issues that would make the LS journey slightly better – such as having trains that actually run, but hey hoe. Half decent Q all the same, Sir Bob.

Tory Claire Perry, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Transport [there goes the word count] replied:

“The choice of lighting used in Network Rail’s premises is an operational matter for the company.”

Trust a Tory to put blind faith in the failed public transport free market.

But Sir Bob was back again on Wednesday for the Commons debate on railways (Public Sector Operators).

We LOVE the sexy titles of these Westminster debates.

There was some considerable crossover from the transport matters of 24 hours earlier. If it is the prerogative of Network Rail to make – or not make – changes, then why not just change sodding Network Rail?

Labour MP Andy Sawford tabled a Motion to bring in a Railways Bill. The main bulk of this involves breaking up Network Rail.

The Ayes had it 196:65.

Sir Bob followed his natural Labour instincts and voted in favour of the Bill.

And so LED lights might just be coming to North Station yet.