Street Trader Silence

We confess to getting slightly confused over the position of the Colchester Labour party and the ongoing street traders situation.

This is a LOCAL issue that we had hoped would be addressed during the election campaign.

Colchester will be voting for an MP to represent the town on 7th May, as well as 20 new Cllr’s that will have a direct influence on the street traders dispute.

We know where we stand with the LibDems. We don’t like it.

It was a sorry sight to see Cllr Anna Turrell read out a robotic statement at the March Cabinet meeting as her final act as a Portfolio Holder.

The lady most definitely isn’t for turning. She failed to address the questions put to her by the traders in the Grand Jury Room.

But at least we know where she stands.

Likewise with the Conservatives and Will Quince, the PPC for Colchester.

Will has personally taken up the cause of the street traders / blatantly politicised them, depending on your own political position.

We were personally think that it is decent that he has at least put the issue on the agenda, for whatever reason.

But what of the Comrades of the Colchester Labour party?


Absolutely NOTHING.

Cllr Tim Young and Cllr Tina Bourne are part of the Cabinet that makes up the WEIRD LibLab administration in Sunny Colch.

At least they were until purdah kicked in and the politicos went on the campaign trail.

The March Cabinet meeting was one of the oddest things that we have witnessed in the Grand Jury Room.

And that includes Have Your Say with Andy Hamilton…

Cllr’s Young and Bourne were silent. They sat on they hands and acted as though the street traders debate wasn’t even happening.

A few whispers were exchanged between the Comrades, but they wouldn’t go public.

We blogged at the time about how a street trader asked:

“Cllr Young – why are you supporting this shower…?”

We think that the street trader meant the ruling the LibDems.

And that is exactly the issue here.

Cllr’s Young and Bourne need to support the rather rigid position taken by the LibDem group if they want to keep their Cabinet seats and allowances.

Which is disappointing when you consider the principles under which their party was once founded.

Back on the Westminster campaign trail and Labour’s PPC Jordan Newell has also been gagged.

Either that or he doesn’t understand our straight forward question.

Just what exactly is the position of the Colchester Labour group on the dispute involving the street traders?