Insurers Pay on Garrison Gym

A bit of good news coming out of the former Garrison Gymnasium on Circular Road South.

The site is due a run of luck…

You may remember how a fire badly damaged the site back in 2013.

This was particularly unfortunate for Colchester Borough Council as it had just secured the transfer of ownership of the building from the Ministry of Defence.

Abbeyfield Community Church was already lined up as a prospective (paying) tenant. There’s nothing like the possibility of a little commercial activity to get the wheels of localgov greased.

The good news is that a CBC internal report has stated:

“…it will be acceptable to retain the masonry walls, almost in their entirety.”

Plus it gets better for the bean counters at CBC.

The insurers have very kindly agreed to cough up for the damage.

And so anyone feeling nostalgic for the former Garrison Gym along Circular Road South can soon be able to return for a different type of bodily worship.

July 2015 is now scheduled as the date for the old building to be brought back into use.