Bye Bye BIG 3

And so farewell The BIG 3 of Sunny Colch politics.

Careful who you’re calling BIG, um, Big Boy.

We already knew about Shark Eyes Hunt stepping down from CBC; Cllr Nick Barlow was a bit of a surprise.

The parting shot left by Cllr Anne Turrell doesn’t leave you with much faith in Localism.

Not that we ever had any anyway.

But make no mistake – the BIG 3 of Sunny Colch politics leaving the Cabinet makes the next couple of months a lot more fun.

All three have led the Colchester LibDems over the past two years. We are in NO WAY linking their leadership experience with their decision to step down.


It does mean however that BANG! All of a sudden the next round of the BONKERS election by third system becomes slightly more interesting on 7 May.

The 24 LibDems and 23 Tories would seem to make forming a ruling party on something of a knife edge.

No chance with the careerist Comrades of the Colchester Labour party sniffing around for some action.

But *possibly* wipe out the BIG 3 with their seats changing hands, and the Love Me I’m a Liberal lot might be in a spot of bother.

We doubt if the careerist Comrades will thank them for that…

And so farewell Cllr’s Hunt, Turrell and Barlow.

We still don’t get the silly Alderman system, but all three have been half-decent localgov servants for the town. Cllr Hunt deserves particular praise for his life-sentence in serving as a Cllr.

But it does poke you right in the eye the HUGE vacuum of talent in local LibDem circles.

Sir Bob of Sunny Colch remains unchallenged as the King of the Colchester mellow yellows.

That doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

But something (or someone) tells us that the full story has yet to come out yet.