Inspiring Sunny Colch

If you’ve got nothing better to do on Sunday morning then you could do a lot worse than… Inspiring Colchester.

As the name suggests, Inspire Colchester is a grass roots new local organisation that believes that Sunny Colch is in need of a little extra inspiration.

We tend to agree with the sentiments…

And so this Sunday there is an informal gathering in the High Street at 10am. The aim is simply to talk to people – locals, visitors, randoms – and to find out how they can be inspired by our town.

Inspire Colchester explain:

“We would like to invite you to a day of community positivity promoting our town.

We aim to speak to as many people as possible – help them find locations and provide friendly Colchester faces.”

These shouldn’t be in short supply on Sunday.

“We’ll spread out through the town to welcome visitors at both stations – be in the park and around town for questions and provide answers.”


There is very much a DIY ethos to what Inspire is trying to achieve. It really should be the job of CBC, but this would no doubt involve a year long Steering Group, a Task and Finish Group, and then full Cabinet agreement.

Sometimes you just get on with it and do your own thing. It is an attitude that keeps The Chronic bashing out hit and miss blog posts.

And so good luck to Inspire Colchester this Sunday. If you speak to just one person and leave them smiling, then the effort has been worth it.

Shoulders back, keep on walking towards that #SUNNYCOLCh sun.