Firstsite Flipside


And so how to solve the Firstsite ‘problem’ [that’s not a problem…] of the #SUNNYCOLCH yoof making use of the public space outside the Golden Goose?

Invite them in.


Which is precisely what the Flipside Festival plans to do over the next fortnight.

And it’s not just a two week window of Firstsite friendliness either.

We often bang on about how many events take place inside the sloping walls that the organisation doesn’t do a very good job at shouting about.

But if you have search the improving Firstsite website for YAK – Young Artistic Kommunity, natch – then you will see that many weekly events already take place.

The idea of Flipside is to bring all of these elements together and celebrate the young creative talent that we have in this town.

We’re talking 15-25 year olds btw, Daddio.

Flipside is nothing short of a takeover of Firstsite over the next couple of weeks. It all starts with the launch party this evening:

“Firstsite‚Äôs resident dance group Limitless; Essex local bands such as Dingus Khan and Fishclaw; and a fire and light inspired performance from the Illoomiloonies.”

*shhh* – we don’t think that the launch party is limited to the younger demographic around our town.

The full programme looks ACE. Youth, wasted on the young, etc.

Freestyle dance, comedy, HULAHOOPALOONIE!

They’re all there, Mr @ColchesterViews.

The Firstsite foyer will also become a gaming cafe for the next fortnight.

Plus keeping with all the F’s – our favourite f-ing word at The Chronic is of course:


Flipping ‘eck.

Full schedule as something of a clunky pdf.