Sunny Colch Crossroads

And so there we were trying to work out why the chuffers the rather wet Colchester Conservatives have taken a sudden swing to the right, seemingly overnight in Sunny Colch.

And then we blogged about the latest polling from Lord Ashcroft.


We explained the facts, how about some hit and miss analysis?

It doesn’t make for very pleasant reading if you are a moderate Tory in Britain’s Oldest Recorded Town.

The headline news is that Sir Bob of Sunny Colch shows no sign of allowing his knotweed grip of the town to loosen the stranglehold that the local LibDems currently enjoy.

But Sir Bib is not alone in his invasive species approach to politics.

UKIP is on the rise according to Lord Ashcroft.

This goes a long way to explaining the astonishing extreme right turn that the local Tory party appears to have taken in electing Cllr Dennis Willetts as their new Leader.

On the record talk of “benefit tourists” [sic] is just the type of political ‘conversation’ that UKIP wants to bring to our town.

It appears that Cllr Willetts is prepared to pander to the polling in an attempt to play catch up with the LibDems.

The irony in all of this is that Sir Bob of Sunny Colch will have a much more formidable Conservative opponent in the very moderate Cllr Will Quince.

The One Nation Conservatism that has been the message coming from Cllr Quince over the past four years has no place in pandering to the UKIP agenda.

But with another set of local elections also being fought at the same time as the General Election in May 2015, it appears that the Colchester Conservatives are prepared to fight UKIP under the message of hate that UKIP puts out.

Perhaps the most important question is whether the new right leaning Leader of the local Conservative group will take the rest of his party along with him for the UKIP ride.

This will ultimately impact on whom Colchester returns as an MP to Westminster in May 2015.

Crossroads time, Sunny Colch Conservatives.

Please don’t make it a soap opera.