Cabinet & Brexit: Blimey

And so the first CBC Cabinet meeting since the UK (and Colchester…) voted to leave the EU takes place at the Town Hall on 13 July.

Careful what you wish for, Comrades.

And wahaddya know: top of the agenda for the LibLabIndie Cabinet is:

EU Referendum Impact


But this is no party political matter.

The report hasn’t been penned by the LibDems who were handing out flyers outside the Town Hall in the run up the Referendum.

Nope – this report comes all the way from the top of the CBC food chain, with Chief Exec Adrian Pritchard putting his name to it.

We wonder if the Brexiter Will Quince will put in an appearance at Cabinet?

It makes for pretty depressing reading to be honest.

The report opens:

“We need to consider the potential impact on business confidence in the Borough, together with the Council itself as a business and its funding.”

Make no mistake – the business of CBC is being a business these days.

But the dark clouds descend when you head eastwards out of the town centre and drift over to Wivenhoe Park and the University.

Oh Lordy.

“The University whose student base is drawn from having a number of students from the EU and are partway through a major investment period.”

Brexit was a balls up on oh so many fronts.

But a little closer to home and you can’t but help feel a little worried for the University.

Yeah, yeah – major expansion, a paternal attitude taken towards the University by the Planning Committee, and bloody University fees.

But what the chuff happens when the whole business collapses overnight?

The University receives major EU funding; EU students come to campus and pay considerable fees. Plus the whole ethos of the University is one of inclusivity. How dull would it be if only the Bright Young Things from the Home Counties came to our town?

Elsewhere in the Pritchard report and the Strategic Plan buzzwords are shoehorned in:

Thriving, Prosperous and Welcoming are referenced in relation to how Brexit is *possibly* going to bugger up the CBC business plan.

As for the continued regeneration of Sunny Colch?

“It is uncertain how the uncertainty caused by the EU decision will affect any planned investment in our Borough.”

Which we think is CBC coded talk for: Vineyard Gate. F***.

If only there was a stand-alone business that wanted to move into the borough and build a leisure and business park, at no extra expense to CBC. The Planning Committee would LOVE that, wouldn’t they?

Oh dear.

But we will leave you with some optimism:

“The Borough of Colchester has a proud history and tradition of being a welcoming place and one which is inclusive in its approach and its support for vulnerable and persecuted people.”