Motions and Amendments

A number of late Motions have caught our eye ahead of Full Council taking place at the Town Hall later this evening.

LibDem Cllr Councillor Goss of Mile End ward is parking his big yellow tank right on the garden of the ECC Tories.

Or rather his yellow bus, with a well observed point being made about Park and Ride:

“The Park and Ride scheme run by Essex County Council is an important asset for Colchester and this Council without question wants the scheme to succeed. However, this Council believes that it should be modified to include the following:

1. Introduction of stops to serve Colchester Hospital;

2. Family friendly pricing – for example similar to Ipswich;

3. Potentially longer operating hours to maximise the scheme’s usefulness to local people and commuters.

This Council therefore calls on Essex County Council Portfolio Holder Rodney Bass to implement these changes expediently to increase the success of the scheme.”

Serving the hospital, family friendly, extending the hours available – all seems to make sense to us.

But wait! What’s this?

calls on Essex County Council Portfolio Holder Rodney Bass – and good luck with that one, Comrade.

Park and Ride is just another example of the ‘little local difficulties’ that Colchester has to put up with for not being a unitary local authority.

Having different political parties in power in Colchester and Chelmsford doesn’t exactly help, either.

Moving on…

Next motion:

Labour’s Cllr Tina Bourne is banging on about the budget.

That will be the NATIONAL budget that grown up politicians are responsible for over in Westminster, and not the scraps that Cllr Bourne’s Cabinet with no Mandate are handed down back in Sunny Colch.

It’s a rambling motion, with much of the sentiment being contained in the sentence:

“This Council believes actions from the Summer Budget will impact negatively on many residents in Colchester…”

And Carlisle, Dublin [not quite], Dundee, Humberside etc.

But you get the point.

The panic coming from Cllr Bourne continues:

“This Council resolves to mitigate the negative impacts of the Budget by taking local action to support residents of the Borough and continue to invest in schemes that promote economic growth whilst working in partnership with key organisations to care for the most vulnerable.”

…aka doing what local government traditionally strives to achieve.

Job’s a good ‘un.

And here’s the But wait! What’s this? …from Cllr Bourne:

“This Council calls upon the MPs for the Borough of Colchester to oppose those aspects of the Finance Bill which will harm Colchester’s interests, even if this means voting with the Opposition in Parliament.”

Oh dear.

Comrade Bourne has only gone and politicised what we first thought was a well-intentioned motion looking at helping the people of Colchester.

Instead it appears that she wants to help those with a similar ideological viewpoint to herself, by getting Will Quince MP to give his pal Gideon a good bloody nose.

Will Quince has been a bit busy of late going back and forth between Sunny Colch and Liverpool Street. We hope that he is around at Full Council to give Cllr Bourne’s motion the response that it deserves.

Moving on…

Colchester Playboy #No.1 Cllr Darius Laws has submitted his first motion to Full Council:

“Noting the important role of art in contributing to the cultural experience of Colchester, and the widespread support Firstsite is now receiving under the leadership of Anthony Roberts, Council requests the Arts Council to use its influence as the main funder to request that the level of local representation on Firstsite’s Board of Trustees be increased , thus ensuring residents of Colchester have a direct say in the long term success of Firstsite.”

Darius is basically calling for Colchester to have better representation on the Firstsite board.

Local jobs for local people, etc.

As ever, there’s a But wait! What’s this?

LibDem Cllr Jo Hayes has attempted to tinker around with the motion from Tory Darius.

And whaddya know – the Cllr for Castle ward reckons that the local representation should come in the form of a Cllr.

Fancy that.

“This Council requests the Board of Directors/Trustees of Firstsite to invite this Council to nominate a councillor to sit on the Firstsite’s Board of Directors/Trustees under the same conditions as the Mercury Theatre.”

Full Council kicks off in the Town Hall tonight at 6pm.

The Chronic is otherwise engaged.

And thank the chuffers for that.