Vineyard Dreams

We blogged yesterday about how Vineyard is set to come back on the CBC agenda. Cabinet is due to agree the Development Agreement and the Key Financial Terms when it meets on 28 January 2015.

We’ve waited an age for the delayed new retail space in Sunny Colch. Holding out until after the Christmas decorations have been taken down along the High Street can’t hurt anyone.

The Chronic was reminded today [hellooo!] of the ambitions of the original scheme. It will be interesting to see if Vineyard 2015 is the same major regeneration scheme that it was pre-recession.

You may remember how CBC had plans to pretty much bolt on a new quarter to the town centre.

And then the global financial crisis hit us and CBC was left doing the sums on the back of a fag packet.

The handy reminder that came our way today even includes an underground car park and lavish walkways.

Betcha we end up with Boxpark II…

Live the dream, Sunny Colch.

Live the dream.