Labour Hoping for Co-operation with Austerity Motion

And so we have the pantomime of CBC Full Council [pdf] coming up once again this week. All 51 Cllr’s will gather in the Chamber on Wednesday evening for the usual ‘co-operation.’

That co-operation will be smoother if a full slate of ‘progressive alliance’ Cllr’s can attend to prop up the wafer thin majority of one.

They will need it to pass the Motion proposed by Cllr Tim Young, the Leader of the Labour Group at CBC. Read more

Garden Villages Back on the Agenda with Plan B

Another day, another ‘ambitious’ bloody Garden Villages letter.

The three Councils trying to bodge through together have pooled their collective brain power.

Having been told by that nice government Inspector that the plans for the three Mega Cities planned by Colchester Borough Council, Braintree District Council and Tendring Distrcit Council were ‘unsound,’ the Big Three are back for more.

We hope that the nice government Inspector has kept his good sense of humour. Read more