Butt Road Brush Off

We simply can’t resist bashing out any hit and miss blog post that gets to bang on about Butt Road here at The Chronic.

Before our hibernation period we were THRILLED with our headline of:

Tesco Sniffing Around Butt Road

And so *any* excuse to blog again about the ongoing issue of everyone’s least favourite supermarket chain and the plans to clean up around Butt Road.

We vaguely remember blogging about the original planning app. Fast forward some two years later and there has been no progress from the supermarket on the site.

We’re kinda glad that we took that two-year sabbatical.

But this is quite serious stuff. If you are a BIG BOY supermarket chain that comes steaming into town with plans to buy up every site going, then at least walk it like you talk it.

Much was made in the original planning app of local jobs for local people. We’re never quite sure what TURNS ON the minds of the esteemed members of the CBC Planning Committee, but employment opportunities has to be a pretty major consideration.

Why does any of this matter?


If CBC goes around giving planning permission for corporate companies to come into town, and then financial considerations lead to a reverse ferret, what confidence does this give to the major regeneration schemes such as Vineyard and yep, the Cultural Quarter?

We’re also watching with great interest the planned takeover of B & Q by Sainsbury down at The Hythe btw…

Heads up: @TheGazette.