‘Enabling’ – the CBC Way

And so the first meeting of the CBC Cabinet with no Mandate will take place on Wednesday evening.

Top of the agenda at Rowan House [not sure why] is the CBC:

Community Enabling Strategy.

Which in three short words, pretty much gives you a full house for #localgov bingo.

Local government by definition is all about community; enabling means that you do things – you know, like normal folk do in their normal jobs.

It’s good to see that the Cabinet with no Mandate also has a strategy.

Community Enabling Strategy?


Looking beyond the bollocks of all the twaddle speak, what the chuffers does it actually mean for residents?

The Cabinet report defines the policy as:

“Re-focus its work to promote self-help where appropriate.”

Which basically boils down to a DIY approach to #localgov.

CBC would rather you do things to yourself, so to speak, than the Council do things for you.

But it takes two to tango if you want an outcome.


The Cabinet paper is full of buzzwords:

“Social cohesion, empowering communities, volunteering.”

If the report had been written five years ago it would have been badged up as part of Dave’s Big Society.

Which is slightly odd, coming from a LibLabIndie Cabinet with no Mandate.

Scraps are thrown to the Little People, in the hope that they will create some ‘social value’ with the hand outs.

In particular, a surplus £125,000 has somehow been found down the back of the CBC settee from the New Homes Bonus.

£120,000 of this will be divvied up between all ward Cllr’s as a sweetener for them to do nice things in their particular patch.

This is very much an approach of scattering around as little as possible in the communities, and then seeing what happens without any CBC intervention.

Sadly a huge big community piss up is not seen as enabling, let alone a strategy.

As for an alternative?

The Cabinet report states that without a Community Enabling Strategy, then cuts to local services are the only other option.


The report then throws up the required venn diagram explanation, as well as a bizarre reference to Mother Teresa [not Higgins]:

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things”

We did raise a smile though when we read about the need to “engage with the majority,” something that the LibLabIndie Cabinet with no Mandate clearly knows nothing about.