Chug Chug

Reckon we can’t make a blog post on Face to Face Charitable Collections SEXY?

Think again, Sunny Colch.

The Licensing Committee at Colchester Borough Council will no doubt be thinking along similar lines when it tries to stay awake on 19 November to discuss Colchester’s Charitable Collection Policy.

Colchester currently doesn’t have a policy to licence who can collect money in the street. There is concern that some chuggers may be acting aggressively, hence the move towards regulation.

Oh the irony of out-sourcing a charitable policy to a third sector organisation.

Sort of.

Step forward the Public Fundraising Association.

CBC is proposing to allow the PFA to regulate the chuggers around Sunny Colch.

Col U fans with an inner knowledge of the trade union movement within professional football might just have given us half a point for SEXINESS.

The PFA will be allowed to set limits as to how many charities get to chug along our streets each day. It will not be able to say *who* will be able to chug along our streets.

Bylaws were considered by CBC as an alternative. This all sounds rather draconian. The Department of Communities and Local Government agrees. Similar moves elsewhere in the country have been clamped down on by that nice Mr Pickles.

But the new CBC Chuggers policy is rather inclusive. It will also cover events such as the Colchester Carnival.

If you are a local girl guide group and you want to shake your bucket en route, you will now need to apply for a licence first.

Plus a whopping £2m worth of public liability insurance is needed for anyone wanting to organise a collection in Colchester.

Best get chugging

Charity begins at home.

Or even along the High Street.