Festival Finance


And so Colchester Borough Council is once again making available a Festival Support Grant for 2017/18.

There is the feeling that others can do festivals a far lot better than if it was left to those with the cultural responsibilities in the Town Hall.

Funding different events shows that CBC likes a bit of culture – especially so if others get to take on the task of organising it.

But before you start booking Kanye for your back garden next summer, then you need to read the small print.

Not a lot of dosh is being made available – £20k.

Funding applications are invited between £250 and £2,500. CBC expects the grant to be over-subscribed.

There is also the need to shoehorn your festival idea into the CBC mantra of the key strategic themes.

NOTHING gets past the Town Hall these days unless a case can somehow be made that it is vibrant, thriving, prosperous and welcoming.

We look forward to seeing how the Portfolio Holder for Wheelie Bins manages to work the Welcoming tag into his presentation next month.

But hey hoe.

Back to the festivals.

Anything submitted for consideration must be not for profit – which sadly rules out the Colchester Festival of Cricket, which has been pulled from Castle Park because of… funding concerns.

There is an incredibly long list of T’s & C’s that need to be considered.

Organisations rather than individuals is the preference.

Timbo will be judging the applicants, alongside his ever ‘apolitical’ Officers.


Got that?


All successful applicants are to include CBC branding and logos and an acknowledgement of support.


The deadline for applications is 23 January.

How about a Colchester Festival of Light, Darius?

£2,500 please Timbo for the “heritage obsessed” folk in Sunny Colch.

Bright idea, etc.