Lakeside Luvvies

We’re a little late to the game with this.

Or should that be late to the show?

But those LOVELY folk at the Lakeside Theatre up at the University very kindly popped a copy of the autumn schedule through out letterbox over the weekend.

Yep – we do have a *real* letterbox, and not a virtual online one.

And so we put the kettle on, sat down with a milky brew and was then blown away with the talent that is coming to campus over the next few weeks.

As ever – the Lakeside Theatre may be proudly part of the University, but all shows are open to the public.

In fact the Lakeside team would very much welcome Sunny Colch folk making the short trip to see some of the shows.

We should feel blessed that our patch has another independent theatre space alongside the likes of the Mercury and the Headgate.

So that’s the BIG UP, what of the productions?

There’s a half decent mix of touring companies, and local talent.

Plus also for this season a welcome addition is the live screening at the Lakeside of productions from the National Theatre and the RSC.

Planning isn’t a strong point for The Chronic; we are already halfway through the schedule.


But if you get a shifty on, you can still catch some of these random highlights:

MacBeth – Director’s Cut comes to the Lakeside on 10th November.

Blank a week later on 17th November sees a new performer who has not seen the script creating a new story with the audience.

An Evening with an Immigrant on 24th November tells the very personal story of attempting to escape from fundamental Islam.

The University’s African and Caribbean Society celebrate black culture with Heritage on 1st November.

And then something very different from 14th – 16th December with the University Theatre Art Society staging the annual panto, appropriately titled Peter Panto.

Meanwhile the Hook Open Mic evenings continue to welcome new talent each Friday evening during term time. The Lakeside Youth Theatre also runs an ACE outreach programme for local kids.

Most shows are cheaper if you book in advance. There is also a membership scheme at the Lakeside this season.

We’ll try not to leave it so late next time.

Ta for the programme – you can download a copy over here.