New Leader, New Danger?

And so the Conservative King is Dead, Long Live the King.

Steady the buffers.

Not quite.

But for Will read Willetts.


Yep – Cllr Dennis Willetts has been confirmed as the new Leader of the Colchester Conservatives. The Cllr for West Bergholt and Eight Ash Green will be taking over from Cllr Quince on the 1 December.

Which we must say surprised us slightly.

Cllr Quince is standing down to focus his energies on dethroning Sir Bob of Sunny Colch in May next year. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.


Which led to a vacancy to become the Leader of the Opposition back at the Town Hall.

In all honesty we thought that Cllr Beverley Davies was a shoe in. Failing that then at least a slight tussle with Cllr Sue Lissimore.

But it seems that the Colchester Conservatives have gone with Cllr Willetts instead.

It’s good to see that there is no shortage of local talent in finding politicians that are able to lead a local party. The same can be said for the LibDems who have had Cllr’s Hunt, Smith, Barlow and then Hunt again as their Leader in the past three years alone.

The Comrades of the local Labour party seem content / whipped to lead with a one man show…

And so what lies ahead for Cllr Willetts as he attempts to lead his party to control CBC once again?

2015 should be all about setting out the direction that he wants the local party to move towards. The next round of BONKERS election by thirds will be taking place in May 2015.

Shifting the LibLab WEIRD love in may be a possibility. But as our favourite political analogy observed of late: once a particular political party takes hold in a town, they are like Japanese knotweed.

Don’t touch Sir Bob of Sunny Colch. He is an invasive species.

2016 is more realistic for Cllr Willetts and the local Conservatives. The Full Council will be up for grabs. Eighteen months or so should be sufficient time to explain his view of what it means to be a modern day Tory.

If his performance at Cabinet last night is anything to go by, a modern day Tory in Colchester likes to look up towards UKIP.

Cllr Willetts laid into the WEIRD LibLab love in right from the start, drawing out phrases such as “benefit scroungers” as though he was being secretly filmed for a C4 News stitch up.

Thankfully The Chronic *did* record him.

Is it really wise to bring UKIP’s divisive agenda to Colchester? Does Cllr Willetts seriously think that this will bring his party power in our town?

The WERID LibLab love in ‘aint exactly progressive, but when compared to the Colchester version of Nigel chuffing Farage then it makes the decision on polling day appear easy.

And what of Cllr Quince and his One Nation Conservatism?

There appears to be a huge gulf between the new right wing Leader and Will’s wet approach. How they manage to marry this up as a unified Tory message on the 2015 doorstep will be interesting to observe.

They are a very inclusive lot, these Colchester Conservatives.

We hope.