Firstsite Syrian Cafe Pop Up

This looks VERY decent:

Firstsite is hosting a Syrian pop-up cafe over the weekend.


As much as we dislike the pop-up term and all the connotations that it brings, the firstsite event seems like the right way of learning and sharing from others:

“Bring family and friends to enjoy delicious Syrian food in a beautiful setting. As part of the Gee Vaucher exhibition, the Syrian Pop-up Café is a wonderful opportunity to support Syrian families, who have recently settled here in Colchester, with their first professional café endeavour here in the UK.”

Food, music, sharing – that’s the way that we can find solutions, right?

You may remember how Colchester Borough Council has taken something of a lead in Essex by welcoming a small number of Syrian refugee families.

As of March 2016, 22 refugees have been re-homed in the borough. The emphasis is very much on welcoming families in need, and refugees that have valuable skills that can be shared in our community.

And so whilst the main Firstsite cafe continues to be closed [an update, anyone?] the pop-up event this weekend will definitely fill a gap.

Food dishes will start at 75p. The Syrian pop-up cafe will be open from 10:30am to 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile it is worth plugging Movement of the People – the University of Essex Art Exchange exhibition that has a launch this Thursday at 6pm:

“A chance to reflect on the UK, a seafaring island’s attitude to migration through Sarah Wood’s remarkable film, Boat People, which turns to history to investigate our ongoing relationship to those who make it to our shores.”

Lakeside and Art Exchange have responded wonderfully to recent political events. Only last week the campus theatre staged a production of An Evening with an Immigrant.

Finally it seems like a half decent opportunity to plug the work of Refugee Action Colchester.

Don’t forget the CBC buzzword mantra of Vibrant, Prosperous, Thriving and Welcoming.

Welcoming is the one that will lead to the success of the other three.