CBC Housing Incentives


There’s nothing quite as SEXY as:

A New Housing Strategy for Colchester 2015-2020


We seriously hope that we don’t fall asleep during CBC Cabinet [pdf] next Wednesday.

Although we would be in good company if we did…

But back to the homes.

Cabinet will be rubber-stamping a housing report, which will then be passed down for the first Full Council after the May elections to endorse.

Which of course it will.

It all makes for a fluffy and common sense read. Localgov is often like that:

“Make Colchester a place where people choose to live in a decent, safe home.”

‘cos who is gonna disagree with that, especially in the run up to a Local and General Election?

But wait! What’s this?

“Maximising the use of council homes and reducing under-occupation by using incentives to encourage tenants to downsize.”


Which sounds rather like the EVIL Bedroom Tax to us.

How very odd.

The difference is no doubt that whereas the EVIL Bedroom Tax punishes residents in the wallet, the softly, softly approach of the WEIRD LibLab lot at CBC will no doubt be more of a guiding hand.

Probably wearing a velvet glove.

At least the local LibDems will be able to follow a familiar EVIL Bedroom tax endorsement as made by Sir Bob of Sunny Colch.

We’d be interested in finding out how the Portfolio Holder for Housing, LABOUR’s Cllr Tina Bourne feels about the “incentives to encourage tenants to downsize.”