Mercury Meanderings

Panto season is upon us in Sunny Colch.

Oh no it isn’t… etc.

But it won’t be long now.

The ACE Mercury Theatre has published the Autumn and Winter schedule for 2015. GRINNING at us from the front cover is a rather cheeky looking Aladdin.

We’re already rubbing our big lamp in anticipation.

These are exciting times for the Mercury. The new studio theatre is now open, and able to stage parallel intimate productions. Meanwhile the main auditorium has had a new air con system fitted.

The new season ahead continues with the mix of the successful import / export model. BIG HITTERS will be coming to Sunny Colch; in return the Made in Colchester series will be showcasing what the town has to offer elsewhere.

As ever, there is LOADS happening – far to much for The Chronic to digest in a simple hit and run blog post.

And so instead we will simply flag what are some of our faves coming up over the next six months down at Balkerne Gate.

James and the Giant Peach will be keeping the kids happy at the start of the summer holidays. Parents will probably feel the same during the run from 7 – 30 August.

Chas and Dave come to Colchester on 21 August.


Just over a week later and Michael Jackson is in town.


OK, so the Jackson Live in Concert on 1 September is unlikely to feature the King of Pop himself. But it’s pretty cool that we can go from a Cockney knees up to a Jacko tribute on the same Colchester stage.

Foodie Jay Rayner rolls up in town on 3 September. We trust Clowns can accommodate his appetite.

More tributes follow with Whitney on 4 September, and Simon & Garfunkel the following day.

Much more moving is likely to be Simon Weston visiting the Mercury on 13 September. The Falklands veteran will be telling his life story.

The Made in Colchester season starts on 25 September with The Smallest Show on Earth – a brand new musical featuring some of the songs from Irving Berlin.

The Mousetrap has a Colchester run in October. It’s not quite as long as the West End season, but 19 – 24 October should be busy.

Local theatre company Eastern Angles will be performing Parkway Dreams 23 and 24 October.

Chalk and cheese follows with Ruby Wax in town two days later on 26 October.

Not Now Bernard keeps the Made in Colchester season alive from 27 – 31 October. We don’t think that this refers to the MP for Harwich and North Essex.

Old school Mods in Colchester (of which there are MANY) will be out in town on 28 October for Georgie Fame. YEAH, etc.

Andy Hamilton on 29 October brings his comedy to Colchester. We don’t think that it is *the Colchester Andy Hamilton* but it should be entertaining all the same.

Bully Boy is another Made in Colchester production. It has a local military connection and was written by Sandi Toksvig. It will run from 5 October – 21 November.

Also keeping it local will be the Colchester Military Wives Choir on 13 November.

Big hitter Ed Byrne drops in to the Mercury on 14 November, and then Michael Portillo the following evening. We hope that he enjoys his Greater Anglia train journey coming into North Station.

And then we reach the end of November where the pantomime season pretty much kicks in at The Mercury. That cheeky Aladdin fella will be riding in on his magic carpet from 28 November – 10 January.

Break a leg, Mr A.