Trading Board Bobbins

Well this is rather jolly: the next meeting of the Colchester Borough Council Trading Board [pdf] will take place on 17th June at Rowan House.

We’re pleased to see that the BONKERS idea put forward by LibDem Cllr Bill Frame of shifting the Trading Board all the way over to the Community Stadium isn’t happening.


Oh the irony of a public meeting of CBC costing extra money to stage at a location that is inaccessible for those without a car.

But anyway – about that Trading Board meeting next week.

You may remember how the Trading Board is essentially the commercial arm of CBC.

Wanna get HITCHED at the Town Hall?

Great – we’ll put together a nice little package for you.

It’s the laissez faire approach to Localism. It was the old ConDem government that first came up with the WHIZZ idea of getting local authorities to cash in on their assets.

Back in Sunny Colch and the Cabinet with no Mandate is keen to run with it.

But wait! What’s this?

The brakes have been put on rampant free market capitalism over at the Town Hall / Rowan House / bloody Community Stadium.

The Cabinet with no Mandate was keen to point out last month that the Trading Board is there for the benefit of the public.

Colchester Conservative Leader Cllr Dennis Willetts pushed the case that the Trading Board was simply a stepping stone ahead of his Commissioning Council vision.

To their credit, the Cabinet with no Mandate soon put a stop to that folly, pointing out that all profits are ploughed back to CBC, and NOT any private shareholders.

And so what can we look forward to when the Trading Board opens up for business once again next week?


There is the SEXY Trading Board Work Programme.

And that’s about yer lot.

FIVE other agenda items have been published.

FIVE other agenda items will involve any members of the public being slung out.


‘Commercial sensitivities,’ and all that old bollocks.

What’s the bloody point?

Some of the agenda items that are so top secret that the Little People aren’t allowed to listen in include Bereavement Services and Procurement Savings.

CBC certainly can’t have residents knowing all about the commercial clout of DEATH.

Meanwhile the procurement savings will no doubt be discussing business savings that have been made by doing business with local traders.

It would be decent to actually be able to hear about these.

And so take your bloody Trading Board and stick it up your Community Stadium rear entrance.

If residents aren’t allowed to even attend the majority of agenda items, then you may as well pamper to the BONKERS idea of holding the meetings out on the other side of town.

Fair trade?