An Inspector Calls, aka Bloody Garden Villages Chapter II

And so that nice government Inspector has once again written to the three North Essex Authorities (NEA) still keen on pushing ahead with the ‘unsound’ Bloody Garden Villages.

Roger Clews appears to be a very patient man. He needs to be given the blind optimism of CBC, Tendring, and Braintree District Councils.

His latest letter made public on Friday is in response to the Carry on Regardless approach being pursued. Read more

Death by Boredom: CBC November Cabinet Meeting

Pack a CBC Cabinet agenda [pdf] with the A-Z of current issues in Sunny Colch and don’t be surprised if The Chronic loses interest before the toilet break.

And so the November Cabinet meeting in the Grand Jury Room on Wednesday evening kept out attention for the first three hours.

With a school day the next morning we made the strategic move of buggering off back to ‘fashionable Hackney.’ Read more