World Kindness Day Comes to Wivenhoe Park

It’s World Kindness Day on Tuesday. Much like Valentine’s Day, it seems odd that one day of the year is put aside to show your special feelings.

But it’s there, and Essex University is embracing the event on Tuesday 13th November.

It’s not so much a hijack, but a gentle sailing into the slipstreams with the annual ‘Giving Day’ now becoming #EssexKindnessDay:

“At Essex, we are using the day as the focus of our third giving day, our annual one day event celebrating the impact that fundraising has on our campus.

We are calling it #EssexKindness Day, and will involve a number of activities both on campus and online that will highlight the good of philanthropy, as well as raise money to help Essex students crowdfunding on our award-winning crowdfunding platform, Click.”

Opening the barriers at Boundary Road for one day of the year might be seen as the greatest love of all for the people of Wivenhoe…

But it’s all good stuff.

Last year the Giving Day Kindness Day raised over £2,000. This money was then used to match fund eight student projects.

There’s a half decent way to get the University to fork out a little more this year. A donation of £1 will be made each time someone tweets with the hashtag #EssexKindness.

We might just RT this blog post on the hour, every hour for the next 24 hours.


You can also clickety click over to the #EssexKindness Facebook page. Leave a comment on how someone made you smile and yep, £1 will be donated again.

If you prefer to make a donation yourself then the University’s Click platform can help you out.

RT RT RT etc.

Cruel to be kind.

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  • 12th Nov 2018 at 2:03 pm

    Thank you for the support guys- it is much appreciated!

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