Colchester Foodbank Concerns ahead of Winter

This is a blog post we shouldn’t have to be writing: Ten years on and Colchester Foodbank is preparing to cope with another winter of hardship.

Having first set up in 2008, the local Foodbank is the busiest in Essex. This is a statistic that is nothing to be proud of.

In the sixth month period between 1st April to 30th September, Colchester Foodbank provided 3,057 three day emergency food supplies to local people.

If that doesn’t shock you then how about the fact that a third of these went to children?


What kind of progressive society do we live in where children have to attend foodbanks to be fed?

These figures relate to the summer months – the ‘quiet’ period for the Foodbank. The local demand is expected to increase over the winter months.

Michael Beckett, Foodbank Manager of Colchester Foodbank said:

“It’s a real concern that in only six months we’ve provided emergency supplies to fed 3,057 local people. These figures don’t even cover our busiest time of year – as the colder weather draws in, we often find more people needing our help. It’s not right that anyone in East Anglia is being forced to turn to our Foodbank.”

Add in the role out of Universal Credit and you can see why the volunteers at the Colchester Foodbank are concerned.

The team is asking for any donations for the Christmas period to be made by the start of December at the earliest.

There is also a crowd funder which seems to be struggling.

The overheads for running the Colchester Foodbank are £36,000 per year. This covers warehouse storage, insurance and utilities.

Food donations can be made to 33 Moorside Business Park between 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday.

You can make a financial contribution over here, or enquire about volunteering over here.

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