Why Data Sharing is Good: Uni Event at The Minories

We touched on this over the weekend: the University of Essex is part of a national month long Festival of Social Science.

Calling it a festival may be slightly over optimistic.

A celebration might be a better fit.

Coming up at The Minories on Wednesday evening is:

Why Data Sharing is Good.

We don’t think this is all about Napster (ask yer parents) either.

There is something of a moral panic about over sharing of data. The Chronic doesn’t give a stuff, as you may have noticed.

The Minories event will see Chris Coates from the University share some of his work at the UK Data Service:

“You may not like how supermarkets, search engines and social media platforms use what they know about you, but did you know this data can help to better society? Sharing your data could be the socially responsible thing to do!”

Chris is a seasoned TEDx speaker and is very entertaining.

ALL Festival of Social Science speakers are very entertaining, natch.

The Minories event on Wednesday runs from 7pm-8pm.

It is FREE, although booking is advisable. You can handover some of your basic personal date over here.

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