We Are What We Speak at Firstsite. Hellooooo

Like festivals? LOVE social science?


It’s not all about BIG DATA, you know.

Hurrah then for the University of Essex which is staging a Festival of Social Science on campus and around the town over the coming month.

The schedule is a little more enticing than you might think.

We start off at Firstsite on Saturday 3rd November with We Are What We Speak.


This is billed as an interactive workshop for children and adults:

“Meet researchers in the field of language development from the University of Essex and learn fun and interesting language facts from the experts. So for those of you who wonder what a dog says in French, or why some words are the same in Spanish and in English, this event is for you!”

Interactive games and short talks are promised.

Interactivity is good; the shorter the talks the better.

You can hear from Dr Ella Jeffries, Professor Florence Myles and Dr Coralie Herve from the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University between 11am – 5pm.


That’s our kinda language.

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