Good News: Good Gym Colchester is Hiring a Coach

Enjoy running? Like helping people? GOOD NEWS, etc: Good Gym Colchester is looking to hire a new coach.

If you aren’t familiar with the work of Good Gym then it can be summed up as:

We run to help projects and people in Colchester.

It’s part of a national movement of decent local folk doing amazing things within their community.

Group tasks take place each week. Members run as part of a group to a community location where some extra help is needed.

There are also personal tasks helping out elder people in the community. Running to and from the location is all part of the process.

You can see how everyone benefits: the members get the BUZZ out of the fitness thing, plus they get to actually achieve something.

And now Good Gym Colchester is looking for a coach.

The basic job spec is:

Organising and running weekly group runs.

Getting new people involved.

Developing the fitness of members.

You’ll be part of a growing team of trainers and you can work from home or from our central London office.

The key skills needed include:

Experienced running coach or personal training qualification.

Excellent communication skills.

Good computer and social media skills.

The hours are flexible, with 8-10 hours a week needed. You can find out more over here.

Meanwhile if you want to sign up to Colchester Good Gym then head over here.

There is no specific commitment to how many runs or good deeds that you undertake.

Funding is on a voluntary donation basis to become a member – £9.95 per month is the suggested donation.

No fitness levels or fancy running kit is required either.

Trot on.

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