Seven Sunny Colch Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas is coming. It’s time to think of that perfect gift for the Colchester lover in your life.

We don’t mean *that* type of lover, either – although your Colchester acquaintance might appreciate some of the ideas below.

The High Street is Dead. Long Live the High Street etc.

Or so the local rag seems to keep on telling us.

And so with the lack of R.E.T.A.I.L at Northern Gateway, we’ve been lazy arses and logged on to Amazon instead.

Here is The Chronic’s Top 7 Christmas gifts for the man / woman who has everything apart from some Sunny Colch tat:

1. Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Colchester

“Colchester historian Patrick Denney takes the reader on a sinister journey, meeting villains, cut-throats, arsonists and lunatics along the way.”

Sadly there’s no indication as to when Patrick Denney’s unsavoury timeline comes to a close.

2. Prostitution in Victorian Colchester: Controlling the uncontrollable

“The decision to build a new army camp in the small market town of Colchester in 1856 was well received and helped to stimulate the local economy after a prolonged period of economic stagnation.”

Other army needs also needed stimulating.

3. Colchester The Way We Were

“This new DVD combines unique cine film of Colchester, old photos, stories from the Gazette archives, and the recollections of former residents to paint a fascinating picture of life in bygone Colchester.”

Strange though it may seem, Colchester was once able to flourish without Weatherspoons, vaping bars and a shoebox bus station.

4. Newall DRO Package for The Colchester Bantam Lathe 2 Axis Digital Readout Kit for Standard Bed

Who needs Boxing Day jigsaws?

5. Colchester United F.C. Football Team VHS Video Official Club Video Colchester Utd. V Bristol Rovers 8th January 2000

A bit pricey at £29.95, but the 5-4 home win was a classic. Apparently.

6. Colchester.’Where Dreams Come True’, Art Deco Style Mouse Mat

And where student flats are built on the Cultural Quarter.

7. STRAIGHT OUTTA COLCHESTER – Stylised Cute Plush Teddy Bear Gift

Keepin’ it real on the mean streets of CO1, Lexden, Wivenhoe etc.


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