Colch Big Sunday Asks for Support with Crowdfunder

The Big Sunday returns to Colchester for its sixth year on 8th July. Festival organiser Dorian Kelly is politely asking for a little financial help to grow the event.

A crowdfunder has been set up with the aim of raising £3,000 in just over a couple of weeks. Any amount of money will be most welcome – from £1 to something a little more substantial.

The past five Big Sundays have been run pretty much on Sunny Colch love alone.

Dorian explains:

“It is truly different because it is largely unfunded, relying on the generosity of the artists, poets, musicians, dancers, film makers, craftspeople and actors of Colchester to provide their services free of any charge.

The result is absolutely spectacular with a staggering NINETEEN Venues and over SIX hundred participants, including over SIXTY Bands. And the best of all is that everything apart from the food and the drink is COMPLETELY FREE.”

Any extra funding for this year will help with two new stages. Mrs Pankhurst’s Tea Party will showcase female talent in the town.

The Rough stage is a new community stage based around the theme of rough sleeping and street homeless. It will feature music, poetry arts, stalls and advocacy services.

Other stages will include an international stage, poetry, dance and children’s activities.

The origins behind the Big Sunday can be traced back to a last minute substitute for the much-missed Colchester Free Festival in Castle Park.

Plus there is the aim of bringing some cultural life to what at the time was a rather laughable Cultural Quarter.

This has changed slightly in recent years with St Botolphs’s finally having a bit of cultural life blown into it.

With the imminent arrival of Curzon in this part of town, coupled with the loss of the Waiting Room, it still feels like one step up, two steps back.

The Big Sunday can help to bridge this with a genuine grass roots approach to entertainment around this part of town.

But it needs DOSH.

Everything needs DOSH.

We do miss the Free Festival.

And the Waiting Room 🙁

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