From the archive: Victoria Place, Eld Lane, Nov 2011

Another in our increasingly random From the Archive series, aka whenever we can be arsed to trawl through the Sunny Colch photo archive.

What we have up for your consideration below is Victoria Place, Eld Lane.

Or to be precise, the old East of England Coop HQ.

It’s looks kinda corporate in an Are You Being Served kinda way, right?

The precise details of how The Chronic came to be let loose behind the scenes at Victoria Place some six years ago are slightly hazy.

Slack Space was involved, as was BOOZE.

We confess to never setting foot around this part of town again.

What’s the current deal with the building?

Comments below please.


One thought on “From the archive: Victoria Place, Eld Lane, Nov 2011

  • 29th Jan 2018 at 6:33 pm

    The wooden pigeonholes in your second photo were rescued and are now at 15 Queen Street. Sorry, can’t help with the current status of the building 🙁

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