CBC to Roll Out Wheelie Bin Review

Wheelie bins: they won’t go away.

And whaddyaknow – CBC Cabinet will be discussing wheelie bins once again when it meets at the Town Hall on 31 January.

The Review of Waste Collection Strategy agenda [pdf] item is a State of the Nation six month catch up. This was always the case after the changes were first rolled out in June 2017.

It all appears to be working.

That’s the headline news that CBC wants to push out. Further analysis of any increase in black bin bags being dropped off at waste recycling centres or dumped need to be considered.

But let’s bin any negativity for now.

Food waste appears to the BIGGIE.

Those green food caddies sure are cute compared to the BRUTE of wheelie bins.

Residents seem to agree.

The Cabinet report states that food waste is up a massive 87% over the six month period. Left overs are not being placed in black bin liners, but in the little green cuties instead.

The overall recycling rate is up to 55%.

That’s not a 55% increase on the previous level, just a stand alone figure of 55% of waste being recycled.

But it all comes back to wheelie bins.

CBC will be carrying out a full review on the impact of wheelie bins in June – one year after they were first introduced.

There is no mention in the Cabinet report on the intentions behind this review. Opposition Cllr’s have long since suspected that a roll out of wheelie bins around other parts of the borough is on the agenda.

Elsewhere and the Cabinet report also looks at the exemption policy for the new recycling rules. The aim is to simplify these for residents.

Plus a review of waste collection in flats has started:

“Residents of flats generally receive a weekly refuse collection service but cannot currently recycle the range of material that residents living in other types of property can.”

Bin there, done that, etc.

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