CBC Proposes £2.9M on Temporary Accommodation

Colchester Borough Council is proposing to spend £2.9M on 16 homes to provide temporary accommodation for homeless households.

£1M of this will comes from the New Homes Bonus – the money provided by central government as a reward for building new homes.

Cabinet will rubber stamp the deal when it next meets [pdf] at the Town Hall on 31 January.

Also included in the Taking Action to Tackle Homelessness agenda item is a pilot scheme to increase the supply of private rented sector accommodation.

The report calls for CBC to continue with the current policy of buying former Right to Buy council properties and using these as permanent accommodation.

Finally a pilot scheme will be introduced to try and increase the supply of private sector rented accommodation. £100,000 from the New Homes Bonus and £150,000 from the Government’s Flexible Homelessness Support Grant will support this.

Figures in the Cabinet report indicate that CBC has had some success in recent years in preventing households from falling into homelessness.

The report states that in 2014/15 a total number of 498 households avoided being made homeless. This figure rose to 614 in 2017/18.

Cabinet is still pushing the line that building Garden Villages will help to tackle the homeless problem in Colchester:

“Innovations such as our new Housing Company and the Garden Communities will make a significant contribution to increasing the supply of new homes.”

The independent Colchester Chariot campaign to crowd fund a mobile homeless shelter is asking for support. You can make a contribution over here.

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