We Are Colchester: Hollytrees Request for Residents

The Hollytrees Museum is keen to borrow some of your clothes and other everyday items.

It’s not that funding for the joint Museum service with Ipswich has become so cash-strapped; it’s simply an appeal for the We Are Colchester exhibition that will open in June later this year:

“The exhibition will explore how personal identity can be expressed through objects. The clothes we wear and the objects we choose to surround ourselves with in our daily lives make a statement about our gender, sexuality, religion and other aspects of our identities.”

The Chronic has currently got a DIRTY linen basket stuffed full of our own unique personal identity. We’re not sure if this is what the Hollytrees had in mind.

It’s not all give and take. Exhibiting alongside your prize Y-fronts will be some existing items held by the Museum:

“By exhibiting objects loaned by the people of Colchester alongside artefacts from the museum collections, the exhibition hopes to present a snapshot of the diverse population who have called Colchester home and still do so today.”

Which kinda got us thinking: is there a Sunny Colch look?

Would the clothes and other everyday items contained in Colchester be any different from say, Burnley?

The Chronic gets around a fair bit, if you see what we mean.

We confess to seeing little difference in the styles that we see around the streets of Colchester and elsewhere.

Anyone interested in loaning out their personal artefacts can contact the Hollytrees via collections@colchester.gov.uk.

We Are Colchester.

And who the chuffers are you?

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