Cllr Laws Elected as New Leader of Colchester Tories

And so a smart move by the local Tories in choosing Cllr Darius Laws as their new Group Leader at the Town Hall. Darius will take over from Cllr Dennis Willetts who is stepping down after three years.

A group meeting of all 23 local Tories handed Darius the Conservative crown. The Chronic understands that no other candidate put themselves forward.

Our only slight gripe is that we still have three males leading from the front line in the Town Hall.

We look forward to that local Labour party female candidate for the next General Election being announced shortly, Comrades…

The timing of the coronation of Cllr Laws may seem a little odd, just a week ahead of Christmas. Cllr Willetts made family commitments that he would take on the job for only three years.

Plans have been in place behind the scenes since the summer for a new Tory Leader. Darius has auditioned well during recent Full Council meetings.

He played an absolute political blinder at Full Council a coupe of weeks ago. The Comrades on the Labour bench were gnashing their teeth in anticipation of tearing the Tories apart over the well-crafted Universal Credit Motion from Labour’s Cllr Tine Bourne.

Yer man Darius stepped up and said:

“Yep, we support your Motion. Let’s move straight to the vote.”

You could visibly see the steam coming out of some of the Labour ears as they were denied their monthly opportunity for a political bun fight.

More of the same, please.

This is a definite changing of the guard moment in Town Hall politics.

The unfair attack from the LibLab alliance on Cllr Willetts has been: Sit down you old duffer. You are a dinosaur.

This approach is stuck in the past. Darius will want to talk about the future.

You were the future once, etc…

The task ahead though will be challenging.

The Tories are by far the largest group in the Town Hall with 23 seats. The ganging up by the minor parties (LibDems 14, Labour 11 and Highwood Indies 3) keeps the Conservatives out of power.

This could all change next May when the next set of BONKERS election by thirds take place.

But the wards don’t stack up. Labour and the LibDems will be defending geographic wards in the borough that aren’t exactly blue.

Darius will be able to rely on very close personal support from the local MP. He and Will Quince go back a long way in terms of friendship.

This may work for him; it may work against him…

And so what can we expect?

Odds are being shortened by the hour of Jumbo being lit up at night…

Labour Leader Cllr Tim Young once accused Darius of being “obsessed with lighting up everything” during a debate.

Is that such a bad tag?

He will give Cllr Young a run for his money in scrutinising the Arts portfolio – something that been a bit of a free ride for Cllr Young of late.

But let’s keep the politics out of this.

Let’s look around the chamber and recognise that cross-party there is some half-decent young (ish) political talent now trying to change Colchester for the better:

Cllr’s Jessica Scott-Boutell (LibDem), Lewis Barber (Conservative), Daniel Ellis (Conservative), Fiona Maclean (Conservative) and Adam Fox (Labour).

Kick out the jams, etc.

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