Comedy, Consorts, Cross Dressing: Arts Centre Spring

Colchester Arts Centre: Never Knowingly Understood, Always Accidentally Inferred.


Sometimes it’s just about the FUN at St Mary at the Walls.

And with perfect comedy timing, here comes the spring season for Colchester Arts Centre.


As ever, we could bash out a 5,000+ word blog post on the delights within. But no one would read it and we would miss out on our mid-morning cup of tea.


And so instead, here is The Chronic’s selected highlights, tapped out in the amount of time it takes for our cup of Rosy Lee to cool down.

Heads down…

10 March: The Lipsinkers.

We know NOTHING about these fellas. But the blurb grabs us by the balls:

“The Lipsinkers are a drag troupe who mime to pop songs. Contains nudity.”

We’ll have a front row seat for that, thank you very much.

Comedy sees the return of Lee Hurst (21 January), Stephen K Amos (27 January) and Mark Thomas (31 January).

Plus don’t forget the regular Laughter Zone Comedy Club that takes place on the first Friday of each month.

And then we get to the gigs.

There is no better place than the Arts Centre for getting hot and sweaty and slushing around with pints of cherry black and cider.

We suspect this will very much be the case when New Town Kings play a homecoming gig on New Year’s Eve.

A little more relaxed might be the Joe Allard Commission with Lou Terry. Each year this celebrates the memory of the former Wivenhoe poet. Keeping it local is Lou with a commissioned piece of work on 7 January.

The Prettiest Starman return on 13 January – sadly not in person, but this local tribute to Bowie is one of the best around.

Another local band returning to Sunny Colch is F.O.X. on 26 January, fresh from a support slot with Depeche Mode – if indeed you can ever be fresh following a support slot with Depeche Mode.

Local music will also be celebrated in 1 February with the College Battle of the Bands. A BARGAIN grubby fiver will gain you admission.

The time machine takes us back slightly on 17 February with Space back in town. The band were always a little off-centre from the Britpop has beens back in the day. Well worth catching.

Another BIGGIE is… Big County (blimey) on 23 February. The full band are no longer with us, but those guitar riffs remain distinctive.

Party Like It’s 1599 on 25 February is a gig that only the Arts Centre could stage:

“Consort of 1, together with the Colchester Waits and Colchester Historical Dance present an afternoon dance with a historical twist.”

We’ll have our pints of cherry black and cider at the ready.

Ditto for Dingus Khan with the launch of their new album on 3 March.

#messy, etc.

The Sunday luncheon Vinyl Sessions see Scott Walker’s TILT (10 December) and DJ Shadow’s Entroducing (25 March) being celebrated.

And finally: BOOZE.

The Colchester Winter Ales Festival is back from 7-10 February.


Tea time.

Fancy a brew?

Plus: It’s well worth subscribing to the Colchester Arts Centre podcasts. These drop more or less weekly in 15 minute chunks of audio ACE-ness. It’s a great way for the Arts Centre to connect with local folk.

Keep ’em coming.

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