Recycling Rates Up, Cost Down, Wheelie Bin Win:Win?

You want WHEELIE BIN stats, right?

You’ve come to the right place.

Even better, how about attending the SEXY CBC Scrutiny Panel when it next meets at the Town Hall on 12 December?

Thought not.

Hey hoe.

Anyway, up on the agenda to be scrutinised is:

Review of Waste Collection Strategy

Oh Lordy.

It appears that the folk devils and moral panics that signalled the roll out of the Wheelie Bins [nice] has reduced somewhat.

Remember that time when small kids were going around Colchester painting Devil horns on wheelie bins?


The stated aim of the Great Wheelie Bin roll out was to encourage higher levels of recycling.

Everyone knew that it was all about ££££ though.

Which is no bad thing; reduce waste, save the wonga.

win:win etc.

Every tonne of waste sent to landfill costs the Essex tax payer £86.

The Scrutiny report observes:

“Having been one of the best performers on recycling in Essex a few years ago we had become one of the worst. The only way to improve was to make a change to the way we collected.”

The headline figure coming out of Scrutiny is that the recycling rate for the past quarter in Colchester is 55% compared to 48% at the same time last year.

The CBC crew make 240,000 collections a week.


Pre-WB and the number of missed collections per week averaged at 90. The post-WB figure has risen to 218.

Clearly some teething problems to still resolve.

In total 12,000 properties had wheelie bins dumped on them. Ward Cllr’s were consulted about the suitability of their patch to accept wheelie bins.

Thankfully it was a local-election free year. Making rational policy with the ballot box coming up from behind is never a wise move.

The Scrutiny report adds in some further detail:

Plastic recycling is up by 46%.

Paper is up by 13%.

Cans are up by 35%.

Green waste is up by 14%.

Food waste is up a WHOPPING 81%.

It’s good to know that the residents of Sunny Colch have finally found a use for those funny little food caddies.

Glass waste is DOWN 9%.


Also raising a concern is that 124 more tonnes were taken to Shrub End in August 2017, compared to the previous year. Two black bin bags per household has clearly caught some people out.

Which leads us to ‘education visits.’

This is the polite phrase given by CBC to describe the Re-cycling Police knocking on your door.

This led to 70 Fixed Penalty Notices for dumping black bin liners.

Not surprisingly official complaints were on the up – 261 between June – October in 2017, compared to 46 pre-WB.

An interesting aside is that CBC now has 50 Houses of Multiple Occupancy registered that it didn’t previously know about.


But it all comes back to the DOSH recycling rate:

“The capital spend has been lower than originally planned with the cost of wheelie bins significantly lower than anticipated.”


“A saving of £268k against a predicted £856k capital budget has been made, meaning the capital cost is £570k.”

The Chronic has always been more of a qualitative than quantitative type of guy.

Betcha we’re FUN at parties.

Never mind the length, feel the thickness, etc.

Are residents happy with these new arrangements?

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