Vineyard Gate Back on Agenda at CBC Full Council

And so you thought that you had heard enough of Vineyard Gate at Full Council?

Think again.

You may remember how CBC Leader Cllr Paul Smith confirmed at Full Council last month that the AWOL Vineyard plans are dead in the water.

To be honest we were a little surprised at the lack of questioning at the time by the opposition.

But wait no more.

The agenda [pdf] has been published for the mince pies and sherry Full Council that will take place on 7 December.

And whaddya know: those Tory types have finally got their arse in gear over the LibLabIndie lot letting Vineyard Gate to slip off the radar.

Conservative Leader Cllr Dennis Willetts has put forward the following Motion:

“Council informs Cabinet of its disappointment that it has abandoned support for the Vineyard Gate project, which would have completed the redevelopment of the town centre, and accordingly requests Cabinet to fully embrace the economic redevelopment opportunity of the Vineyard Gate area, consulting with the residents of Colchester on the opportunities available.”

Of note hear is that it is Council that is informing Cabinet.

Yes, yes. It’s all semantics, and won’t get passed through.

Not in its current form, anyway.

No Amendments have yet to appear ahead of the December Full Council meeting next week.

But they will.

And no doubt the will blame the national economic situation over the failure of our local Cllr’s to make something of Vineyard Gate.

It’s good fun this political bun fight, innit?

But back in the real world and what the chuffers is going to be done over on the Vineyard Gate side of town?

The Monopoly style spending spree by CBC in buying up freehold property has left them sitting on a political hot potato.


It would also be decent to hear what plans the Tories have for this side of town, rather instructing Cabinet that it is a little pissed off.

Meanwhile Labour’s Cllr Tim Young has been teasing out a possible Plan B for the site with a ‘mixed use’ development apparently back on the agenda.

Welcome to the Colchester Foodie Quarter.


Sometimes though you just have to celebrate failure.

Is it really such a bad thing that another quarter of the town wasn’t swallowed up by bland, corporate businesses?

Think of the fun that could be had on this land if a little political imagination was put to the test.

But as the Tory Motion states, it’s all about ‘economic redevelopment.’

Our town is bigger than your town etc.

Except Colchester rarely is these days.

If in doubt, blame Tollgate Village.

Hey hoe.

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