Listen to Colchester Overture – an Original Composition

Identity is everything when it comes to putting your town on the map.

Colchester has plenty of uniqueness / oddness – despite attempts in recent years to have a mono culture imposed upon us.

Which brings us to the BRILLIANT Colchester Overture.

We are not saying that this is odd, but it is definitely unique.

And so what we have hear is an uplifting seven and a half minutes of original music composed by Dylan B. Christopher, a composer, piano tutor and writer from Sunny Colch.

Dylan moved to Colchester ten years ago to study at the Colchester Institute. The Overture has been five years in the making. Dylan makes a point of thanking Dr Mark Bellis at the Institute for his mentor skills.

As for the form and flow of the rather fine piece?

“In a single movement, the music follows a ternary structure following an unrepeated, extended, sonata form and related modulations. Optimistic from the outset, the music is in C major, featuring the rising motive heard in the opening bars throughout the music.”

There’s a military hat tip in there as well:

“The use of percussion is symbolic of Colchester’s status as a Garrison town; specifically, the ostinato rhythm of the snare drum implying a march.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

The Colchester Overture should be played at the start and at the end of every CBC Full Council meeting.

We might get a little more excited if the various political parties took it in turns to express their political opinions through the medium of interpretative dance whilst the Colchester Overture is played.

Copyright © 2017 Dylan Christopher, all rights reserved.

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