Pop Up Political Pianist Action Around Sunny Colch

Colchester can be a little odd; art in Colchester can be a little odd. We rather like it that way.

Which brings us to Revolutionary Reminder taking place around the borough next weekend.

Nope – this isn’t an event flagging the possibilities for the next round of CBC local elections. Instead we’re talking about a ‘pop up’ [URGH] one man and his piano on tour around Sunny Colch to celebrate the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

The local MP is going to BLOODY LOVE third one, Comrades:

“A Revolutionary Reminder is a three day event across Colchester that uses the centenary of the Russian Revolution to celebrate the possibility of radical and revolutionary social change.

A mobile programme of new artworks and piano performances by Pianist Jason Frederick played from a lorry, outdoors across Colchester.”

Plinky plonky political, if you will.

A pop up piano concert in Britain’s Oldest Recorded Town – it’s what Comrade Lenin would have wanted.

Some of the locations look half decent for *any* outdoor piano political concert. At a pinch then even a right wing head banging Tory tinkling of the ivories at Balkerne Gate might get us out of bed.

The full Sunny Colch touring itinerary covers:

Day 1: Fri 17th November

10:15 – 6th Form College

12:00 – University of Essex

13:15 – Colchester Institute

15:20 – St. John’s Green (Primary School, Abbey Fields)

18:00 – Wivenhoe Station [but OF COURSE…]

Day 2: Sat 18th November

11:00 – Balkerne Gate (near Hole in the Wall/Mercury Theatre)

12:20 – Silver Oyster Pub (Queen Elizabeth Way, Monkwick)

14:20 – Weston Homes Community Stadium

15:40 – Firstsite

20:00 – Town Centre (Culver Street close to Primark)

Day 3: Sun 19th November

15:00 – Castle Park (Dutch Quarter entrance)

17:00 – Old Bus Depot

Revolutionary Reminder is ‘made possible’ by the Arts Council and National Lottery funding.

…which will no doubt peeve some folk off.


The Art Exchange at the University, the Art Centre and The Colchester Trades Union are also involved.

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