CBC Considers Staff Salaries with £14k to £126k Range

One of the responsibilities of being a publicly accountable local authority is that you need to publish details of the Officer Pay Policy – aka are you a tight arse when it comes to the staff bill?

CBC must LOVE it this time each year when Cabinet is asked to agree the Officer Pay Policy Statement.

‘It’s none of your bloody business’ might be the reasoned response when asking about pay in the private sector. But CBC runs as a ‘business’ through various public forms of funding, including Council Tax.

And so here we have the proposed pay policy ahead of the CBC Cabinet meeting [pdf] taking place on 22 November.

It details how the Council has chosen to pay the Living Wage to all staff since 2013.


The current level for the Living Wage is £8.75 per hour. It is worth making the distinction between the Minimum Wage which currently stands at a rather pathetic £7.05 per hour.

But as the local authority models shifts ever to out-sourcing services, what does this mean for workers carrying out a public role in the private sector?

The Cabinet report explains how CBC is playing catch up:

“The Council is also implementing a phased plan which rolls out as contracts come up for renewal so that these third-party contracted staff also receive the Living Wage.”

If you work for a private company on a long term CBC deal then tough titty.

This *could* be significantly important should Colchester have a Conservative administration in the not too distant future.

Recent local election campaigns have been contested by the Conservatives offering a ‘Commissioning Council.’

Everything is up for grabs…

Yes, yes – but what about the BIG HITTERS at the top end of the CBC pay scale.


A figure of £126,126 is quoted as the highest salary at the Town.

The top man / woman attracts the top wage.

Added into this is the nice little earner of elections:

“The Council has determined that the Returning Officer is the Chief Executive, and the remuneration is separate from the Chief Executive’s salary.”

An extra £14,275.18 can be earned by Chief Exec Adrian Pritchard for overseeing elections.

Given that CBC uses the BONKERS election by third system, plus overseeing ECC elections, a wobbly national government and Parish / Town Cllr’s resigning, the Returning Officer is never short of work.

At the opposite end of the scale is an annual salary of £16,881 for the lowest earners at the Council.

The median average pay for Chief Officers is £75,477, compared to the median average pay for other staff being £23,226.

All staff received a 1% pay increase in April 2017.

For the many, not the few etc.

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