Political Doughnuts and Votes

There are already enough political doughnuts in this town without the latest plans from the Boundary Commission.

Yep – the Commission has published its latest update as it attempts to reduce the number of MPs from 650 down to 600. The current proposals take into account written comments on two previous consultations.

Not a lot has changed for our patch, to be honest.

Colchester remains under siege. The CO1 and surrounds inner filling is surrounded by the slightly less than agreeable stodge of a new North East Essex constituency.

The only territorial gain for the next Colchester MP will be East Donyland.

Cheers, Boundary Commission.

Meanwhile Cllr Rosalind Scott of CBC is rather keen for her Wivenhoe ward to enter the Colchester doughnut.

TUCK IN, etc.

*except Wivenhoe will not be strategically aligned with Harwich*

Might it be that Wivenhoe would have more chance of being represented by a Labour MP than the new North East Essex constituency?

Remember that the wisdom of the Labour NEC has deemed an all female shorty list for the next Colchester PPC…

Elsewhere and Tim Young may be tempted back to his Clacton home.

The Clacton constituency is having a bit of a love in with Harwich – a strong Labour supporting town.

Bernard Jenkin won’t mourn the loss of Harwich for his patch. It will be interesting watching the Conservative MP represent Jaywick, should he be elected as the new MP for North East Essex.

Comments are open again for any thoughts on these latest plans by the Boundary Commission. The deadline is 11 December.

It is expected that the cull from 650 to 600 MPs will be in place for the next General Election, whenever that might be…

One thought on “Political Doughnuts and Votes

  • 25th Oct 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Being involved with a project in Jaywick would welcome Will being constituency MP, anyone who listens and wants to tackle the many social issues presenting themselves there will have a task, but sure community will get behind anyone adding positivity and solutions whatever party.

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