CBC Cash in on Christmas

It is too early to mention the C-word?

Oh C!


Yep, Christmas is coming and CBC is getting… not so much fat, but certainly looking at a nice little earner with a Christmas Fair in Castle Park.

The Planning Committee will consider a CBC application for a Christmas Fair in Upper Castle Park when it next meets [pdf] at the Town Hall on 19 October.

Up for consideration we have:

“Christmas attraction comprising temporary structures incorporating vintage rides, side stalls and attraction.”

Wot No Ice rink, etc?

Betcha Sunny Colch has a BIG FREEZE this winter.

If permission is given, the CBC managed Fair will open on 25 November and run through until 7 January.

The application claims:

“The event has the potential to attract significant numbers of visitors to Colchester. The proposed event will serve to raise the regional profile of Colchester, boost the town centre economy and create potential jobs.”

Albeit for a two month period.

We have been here before of course.

The Winter Wonderland of 2015 battled with some less than seasonal weather conditions.

It seems that CBC is now keen to keep the scheme in house, and play it safe without the attraction of an ice rink.

The Officer recommendation is to approve.

*some photos from the 2015 Christmas Fair – which we rather enjoyed…*

One thought on “CBC Cash in on Christmas

  • 12th October 2017 at 3:05 pm

    They won’t be able to promote it with any A boards, of course. 😉

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