MP pwned by Yoof


Wanna see Will Quince MP get pwned by a 17 year-old?


It all started with the subject of votes for 16 year-olds; it ended with bloody Jumbo.

EVERYTHING in this town must end with bloody Jumbo.

Including Jumbo itself.

And so the MP for Sunny Colch declared that he is no great fan of giving yoof the vote.

Which is kinda understandable.

Comrade Tim Young cottoned on during the General Election campaign that Corbyz is where it’s at for the yoof, and not Tim’s brand of more… ‘conservative’ politics.

But that’s for a different blog post.

And so back to Our Man in Westminster.

He doesn’t want yoof to vote – probably because yoof will give his party a bloody good kicking.

This is all highly topical stuff. Saturday saw the Fresher’s Fair up the road at the University of Essex.

And whaddya know – Will (and Timbo) was in attendance.

The absolute WAG etc.

This led to one Twitter user reminding our MP that in the past he has accused *some* students of voting twice.

Twitter is never the best platform for the finer nuances of political debate.

But in the tit-for-tat online world of bantz, Quince was quick to come back.

It all then got a little ugly, before getting rather amusing at the end.

DISCLAIMER: that is the view of a @peachy_charlie_, and NOT the view of The Chronic.


Glad we’ve cleared that one up.

The bantz went back and forth.

Mr @peachy_charlie_ managed to raise his game and offer up some half decent debate on Quince’s voting record on the homeless, before delivering the bloody Jumbo KO.

Once again: this the view of a @peachy_charlie_, and NOT the view of The Chronic…

Ah, Jumbo.

We don’t need to recycle that old debate here.

Colchester’s great totem for the marvels of Victorian water engineering was politicised long before @peachy_charlie_ was probably born.

Now who’s patronising yoof, eh?

Quince pointed out that the most recent planning application to sort out Jumbo was refused by LibDem and Labour Cllr’s that prop up the *apolitical* CBC Planning Committee.


No whips here.

The diligent @peachy_charlie_ chap has been doing his homework.

*we quite like that line*

The bounder! The cheat!

Quince said nothing of the sort!


By a 17 year-old.

The modern interweb is a wonderful thing.

One thought on “MP pwned by Yoof

  • 10th October 2017 at 5:08 pm

    I believe the comment on the video is “work with developers the council.. to get a restaurant in Jumbo”
    I don’t think he’s broken that pledge yet, so seems a waste of a blog really. I don’t see how he got owned, it all seems like childish games wasting the MPs time when we could we working to improve the town not trying to score political points.

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