Fixing the Housing Crisis, Sunny Colch Style

We’re back to going around the houses when CBC Cabinet next meets [pdf] at the Town Hall on 11 October.

The LibLabIndie love in will no doubt be agreeing the agenda item:

Planning for the right homes in the right places: consultation proposals

Someone at the Town Hall is having a lot of FUN in coming up with these report names.

The background is that those nice Tories in Westminster have come up with a White Paper:

Fixing our Broken Housing Market

We’d ask first who has broken the housing market, and how were they allowed to get away with it…

Such concerns aren’t the remit for the CBC Cabinet. This won’t stop political posturing as the LibLabIndie lot do their usual finger pointing.

What Cabinet can do however is to agree to a response for the Department of Communities and Local Government.

In fact they’ve probably already agreed the response. Cabinet remains a farce so that the Little People can see that democracy is being served in their interests.

This is all about central government setting housing targets to ‘fix’ the housing market that someone has unfortunately broken.

Colchester is expected to increase its share in housing by 19% – 1,065 homes. To put this in some context, the Tories reckon that between 225,000 – 275,000 new homes need to be built in England – EVERY YEAR.

That’s some broken market, Comrades.

But wait! What’s this?

If the CBC Local Plan is pushed through by March 2018 then the figure for Sunny Colch drops to 920 new homes.


We think?

The Cabinet report adds:

“There is a move to strengthen cross-boundary planning and Councils will have to produce a statement of common ground with neighbouring authorities.”

CBC is doing rather well in mopping up the the Tendring housing spillover with the bloody Garden Village.

Speaking of which, Tendring has been identified by central government as having the ‘greatest housing need.’

You don’t say.

A whopping 36% increase in new houses is needed.

This kinda explains – but doesn’t justify – the eastern Garden Village.

The final say on the response to central government will fall to the CBC Local Plan when it meets on 6 November.

Now would be a decent time for Cllr Goss and his chums to get their arses in gear and complete the submission by March 2018.

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