CBC Splashes the NHB Dosh

With the summer jollies out of the way at the Town Hall, attention now turns towards budget setting.


Never let it be said that #localgov ‘aint SEXY, Comrades.

CBC officers will be ‘guiding’ Cabinet through some of the decisions that need to be made between now and Budget time in February.

The papers have been published [pdf] for the Cabinet meeting on 11 October.

They include:

2018/19 Revenue Budget

It may sound dull, but this is the financial buts and bolts that have an impact on how we live our lives around the town.

Why has this Council facility closed? Who made the decision to pump cash into this scheme? And why is the High Street looking a little stinky poo early on Saturday mornings?

Of interest next Wednesday is the new Homes Bonus. This is a grant paid by central government to CBC to reflect housing growth in their areas.

Put simply: build houses, we’ll give you a [legal] back hander.


The 2017/18 CBC budget agreed to allocate £2.036m of the NHB to deliver projects which support the strategic plan.

Anyone who has had had any online or offline correspondence with the Council should be familiar with the buzzword mantra of:

Vibrant, prosperous, thriving, welcoming.

It’s a load of hairy old bollocks to be honest. ANY policy coming out of the Town Hall can somehow be shoe horned to tick one of the strategic plan priorities.

A stinky poo High Street?

We need the #HotJetWasher so that our town is vibrant, prosperous, thriving, welcoming etc.

£1.575m out of the £2.036m has been spent to date out of the NHB.

This includes £750,000 on the Northern Gateway, and £250,000 to prop up the Garden Village vision.

Which leaves Cabinet on Wednesday in the position to go on a bit of a civic spend.

Three key projects have been identified:

Castle Park toilets are set to have a £200,000 boost.

Highwoods Country Park will benefit from £25,000 to look at the idea of adding a catering facility to the site.

Community Hubs will have a £50,000 allocation to develop ‘digital spokes.’

We *think* that this means pushing residents online in libraries to ‘engage’ with the Council. It’s a lot cheaper than employing people.

This still leaves £186,000 unallocated from the NHB.

Maybe too many new homes have been built?

Or CBC are just tight arses.

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