What Tim Did Next

And so farewell Tim Young.


Much to the disappointment of the small band of alt righters around the town, the Leader of Colchester Labour Party is going nowhere.

He also isn’t going to Westminster…

Confirmation has come that the Colchester Parliamentary seat will be contested by a female candidate, whenever Teresa May next has a walking holiday wobble.

Which is a something of a shame.

The Marmite Man of Sunny Colch was building up the momentum [steady] after his MASSIVE swing of 19.1% back in June.

Tim has told BBC Essex that he is “personally disappointed.

Which is perhaps the most understated public comment that he has ever made…

He also told the Beeb that he is in favour of the lists as a principle, but local issues should be taken into account.

You can’t argued with that.

It would be disastrous if Labour party HQ parachuted in a female candidate to fight the seat. There are a number of half decent female candidates already on the ground in Sunny Colch.

Don’t rule out a power pact with… Cllr Julie Young.

If Tim’s magpies eyes can’t have the prize, then how about the other half of the local power couple?

Will Quince MP offered his political condolences.

Anyone who watched the Tim and Will Punch ‘n’ Judy punch up at the Mercury back in June will know that they both feed off each other.

As for What Tim Did Next?

Continue with the push to gain more control around Sunny Colch, STOOOPID.

Victories in the Abbey division for ECC and the Shrub End push for CBC show that the local party is becoming an election fighting machine.

The LibDems are looking a little washed out. Tim’s aim will now be to become the senior partner in the CBC Coalition.

His magpie eyes are hungry for the prize, Comrades.

Edited to add an afterthought: Clacton isn’t a target Labour seat. And neither is Harwich and North Essex…

One thought on “What Tim Did Next

  • 3rd October 2017 at 10:00 am

    There have only been two female candidates in Colchester since the seat was reformed in 1997, but sure, let’s commiserate that yet another middle-aged white bloke – a breed Colchester politics is definitely not short of, in all parties – won’t be able to stand.

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