Garden Villages: the SAVIOUR of Housing

Some CLASSIC scaremongering from CBC Leader Cllr Paul Smith in The Gazette today.

The LibDem Cllr for St Anne’s & St John’s ward is getting all worked up about the prospect of 700 new homes being built right on his doorstep.

Persimmon Homes is circling four fields in the ward for development. Cllr Smith has resorted to spreading a culture of fear with a straw man argument centred around the Bloody Garden Villages.

Smith claims in The Gazette:

“If we didn’t have the garden villages plans, we wouldn’t just be able to stop this. If you look at it in numbers, if the garden villages were not planned that takes out 2,500, so quickly this would become a viable development, maybe you might have someone pressing the land at Longridge or submitting plans for more homes on the Middlewick Ranges where 1,000 homes are planned. That is why the garden villages are so important.”

…aka NIMBYism.

The land in question was considered for protection by the LibDem controlled Local Plan Committee. It was deemed unnecessary to put any restrictions on future development.

It’s a familiar argument that we are hearing from the LibLabIndie Coalition all around the borough:

Development is good, as long as it is OUR kind of development.

Bloody Garden Villages, Northern Gateway and the AWOL Vineyard Gate: GOOD.

Tollgate Village: BAD.

VERY bad.

Hey Paul – why not take 700 homes out of your Bloody Garden Village and share the load around the borough by allowing them to be built in your ward?

Cllr Paul Smith is up for election in his St Anne’s & St John’s ward in May 2018, having finished as the third placed candidate in 2015.

Safe as houses, Paul.

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