Castle Park Bowling Green Giveaway – sorta…

Here’s a half decent opportunity: Colchester Borough Council is keen to handover the two bowling greens in Castle Park for another organisation to make use of.

Expressions of interest are being invited to run a “high quality and innovative leisure facility.”

The Chronic can but DREAM of a lido being opened in the loveliness of Castle Park…

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to explore the space will know that it is a fantastic enclosed facility.

There is a unique ambience around the bowling green areas. It would be a shame to lose this with something like a 24/7 Salsa workout class.

Nothing against 24/7 Salsa workout classes, natch.

The clubhouse needs a little love. This is one of the reasons behind the CBC offer of a 25 year lease.

The Council can’t afford to manage the bowling green space. It would be happy for another organisation to make a profit from it, rather than remain redundant.

The tender document references:

“Established operators and also new and innovative providers.”

Sport isn’t exactly on the radar of the ACE Waiting Room team. A repeat of the transformation of the old bus station space would be most welcome.

The CBC document loses it slightly when it bangs on about how Castle Park attracts one million visitors a year.

You sure?

15 November is the deadline for any group that is interested.

Oh – and this idea first came via Will Quince MP, btw.

It would have been decent for CBC to acknowledge this.

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