Comrade Candidates for Sunny Colch

And so the news that the Labour party will probably pick a female candidate for Colchester to fight the next General Election is a little… *awks*

Oh dear, etc.

The party’s NEC has declared that 46 out of the 76 target seats will be made up with women only candidates.

Sunny Colch has made its way on to the list of the top 76 target seats for whenever Mrs May has her next wobble.

Which all leaves Cllr Tim Young – the PPC last time round, the Leader of the Labour Group at CBC and the Deputy Leader of CBC [phew] – a little stranded.

Whatever your views on Comrade Young, you can’t deny that he has earned the right to contest the Colchester seat.

Odds of 100/1 were offered for Tim at the start of the election campaign. The bookies had a campaign almost as crap as the Conservatives. The odds shortened to 10/1 on election night.

Tim came within 5,677 votes of beating Tory Will Quince. He received 35.3% of the votes with an impressive SWING of 19.1%

He worked the patch well throughout June, and then did it all over again in Shrub End in August.

The Chronic has mixed views of women only lists.

You pick the best candidate to win, right?

Which right now means Cllr Tim Young. His conversion to Corbynism may have been a little stuttering, but he plays the party game well.

Critics of Tim have commented that Colchester will be a better place with yer man out of town and over in Westminster.

He would be voting fodder for the ABSOLUTE BOY JC, unable to carry on his current cultural crusade throughout Sunny Colch.

Out of sight, out of mind.

As for the female alternatives to appear on the ballot paper?

Um, Cllr Julie Young, anyone?

She would be popular and a bloody brilliant MP. But unlike her hubby, Julie seems to prefer sticking to her Essex patch and making changes on the ground.

A slight shudder might run through certain sections of the town if Cllr Rosalind Scott continues with her ever-ambitious political manoeuvring.

She fought a decent campaign against the Bernie Boy in Harwich and North Essex in June. We’re unsure if Sunny Colch would welcome her personal brand of politics with such ease.

And then there is Elisa Vasquez-Walters, the ex-Chair of Colchester Labour. She’s another popular figure from within all wings of the local party.

It’s a shame that the local Labour group went from being a bit of a laughing stock, to being within grasp of real power – and then find itself up against the possibility of a woman only selection.

No joke, right?

One thought on “Comrade Candidates for Sunny Colch

  • 26th September 2017 at 8:00 pm

    At the hustings the male domination of all parties was evident. Needs changing. Tim as you say works very hard, and true Julie would have also run Will close, she was my preference to be honest. Eliza would be formidable to. Its amazing to think Colchester is now a marginal with labour second….its gonna be interesting!!

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