Halloween Hanging Planning App for Castle Park

Another breakfast scan over the CBC Planning Agenda [pdf] for 7 September and another BIGGIE leaps out at us over the Bran Flakes.

It may have been the silly season up in Shrub End etc, but behind the scenes and some folk have been busy beavering away at the Town Hall.

Attention is already turning towards Halloween.

Oh Lordy.

*that isn’t meant to be blasphemous btw – and neither are the ‘executions’ planned to take place outside the Castle during October*

Yep – welcome to Doomsday.

EVERY DAY is Doomsday around Sunny Colch, some might say.

But not us.


So on the agenda for Planning we have:

To provide Colchester with Halloween event to operate during the month of October 2017

The darkness is being put on by the Princes of Darknesses themselves, um, CBC.

This is an event being planned by the Colchester Events Company – the commercial arm of CBC.

For all the Halloween high jinks and tourism bluff, it is a money making operation for the Town Hall.

Let’s look at some of the detail in the Planning report…

“The proposed Halloween event will provide a scary, horror-based entertainment with a small area of retail providing refreshment and merchandising. The event has the potential to attract significant numbers of visitors to Colchester.

The proposed event would serve to raise the regional profile of Colchester, boost the town centre economy and create potential jobs. The potential economic benefits of this proposal for the town are considerable.”

Which doesn’t sound too scary…

The report adds:

“The submitted planning application relates to a Halloween event comprising three marquees with supporting and welfare structures and equipment. The supporting information explains that the site set-up will be from 1 October, with the event operating from 13 to 31 October 2017. The site will be cleared by 3 November 2017.”

NINETEEN chuffing days for Halloween.

Then it will be bloody Bonfire Night.

Manningtree Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins is expected to feature – at Doomsday, and not CBC Planning on 7 September…

Participants are led from the holding cells [MARQUEES] and then to the gallows where they will be hung.

It’s probably not a night for little Johnny during half term week.

One resident questioned whether the proposed “Execution Experience” was in good taste given that Colchester is a multi-cultural town, with refugees and soldiers returned from war zones.

Andy Hamilton is going to go into MELTDOWN.


The CBC report adds:

“There is the potential for the event to cause noise and disturbance to local residents.”

That’s kinda the point of Halloween, right?

The original opening time of 10am – 11:30pm has been shifted back to 10:30pm.

An objection came from the nearby Greyfriars Court Property Management:

“The maximum closing time for queues is stated as 23.30 which is too late.”

The report adds:

“Noise levels from the power equipment, music and the inevitable ghostly sounds need to be controlled.”

You try controlling ghosts.

They’re REAL, yeah?

This is an ambitious planning app from CBC. It shows the direction that the commercial arm of the Council is heading towards.

We’re expecting plans for another Castle Park Christmas BIGGIE to appear soon – with CBC muscling in on the action and dosh this time, natch.

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