Hythe Happenings

It’s all happening at Cabinet on 6 September.

It’s all happening down at the Hythe.

It’s all happening along Haven Road.

We’re not talking about the shit drains either – except we kinda are.

On the agenda is:

Hythe Development Proposals

CBC has been beavering away behind the scenes with the Legacy Foundation in trying to find a solution for the Hythe.

We’re not entirely sure why a solution is needed. It remains one of the last remaining under-developed locations in the town.

The history and heritage of the old leaps out at you along the riverbank.

It would be a little rubbish if this became another mini-clone Colchester.

Hey hoe.

Hey hoe Hythe.

The LibLabIndie lot have been asked to consider:

“To agree in principle support for the proposed scheme at the Hythe and to agree that further work is carried out to develop a full business case which will be brought back to Cabinet by the end of the year.”

We all know that they haven’t really been asked to consider this. You don’t go round beavering behind the scenes with the likes of the Legacy Foundation only to then tell them to do one.

The agenda item will be agreed.

We LOVE Cabinet.


The detail of the Cabinet claims that £10M of Government Infrastructure Funding is available.

This will be invested for the:

“Regeneration of significantly constrained and contaminated brownfield land at the Hythe sporting facilities, new homes and community services.”

Why does everything have to be regenerated?

Specifically we’re talking about:

“Several hundred new homes with potentially 35% affordable housing.”

This is crap.

50% affordable (whatever that now means…) should be the default aspiration for any ambitious local authority. Accept 40% as a minimum.

The £10M will apparently also:

“Promote investment activity in the Hythe area especially on the river front. This project could act as a catalyst for further regeneration in the area. Which in turn could address longstanding environmental issues such as local flooding.”


The Hythe hasn’t exactly been short on private accommodation for the student market.

Yet still King Canute is not having much luck down by those muddy banks.

The Cabinet report becomes comical when it states without any self-awareness:

“The Council could develop the site itself, however, this carries a high degree of risk as the sites are particularly constrained, the council would be taking all of the development and infrastructure risk on a large-scale project.”


And we trust this shower to develop 40,000+ homes elsewhere in the borough?

The report also claims that the area has a:

“lack of active sports facilities and limited health facilities.”

Apart from the two gyms within walking distance of Haven Road…

It also adds that the scheme will:

“Develop a holistic programme of community cohesion.”

We have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what the chuffers this means.

It’s all happening at CBC Cabinet on 6 September.

We think.

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