Sunny Colch Street Hunt, Photography, Cinema and Tours

And so the plan was to bash out another hit and miss Arts Centre Ahoy blog post; the autumn schedule for St Mary’s at the Walls has dropped. It’s STUFFED full of ACE events of the usual brilliant, bonkers Arts Centre variety.

But then the Arts Centre itself is rather busy online.

We can sign post you over here —->>>>

There’s a feeling though that the Arts Centre is ever changing and trying out some new ideas. Some may work, others will be a little ‘challenging.’

That’s very much the spirt of Antony and the team. If you are trying something new and want to be creative, then the Arts Centre will usually give you a chance.

And so instead our attention turns towards Colchester Street Hunt – or more specifically the associated events that have been themed around Street Hunt.

As a reminder – Street Hunt is the outcome of the Arts Centre CBC Big Choice pitch a couple of years ago. £50k [gosh] was given to the Arts Centre by the Council to stage a treasure hunt.

We thought it a little… excessive at the time; we’ll reserve final judgement until the project has had the chance to showcase our town.

But what we weren’t expecting is how the Arts Centre team is now framing a whole series of events around the treasure hunt art project.

Basically it’s a rather clever way of saying to Colchester folk:

Hey! This is your town. Get out there, poke around and look at your surroundings in a way that you might not normally do.

Which is kinda neat.

To kick start all this we have the opening of the Street Photography exhibition at the Old Bus Depot along Queen Street this Friday.

The location is not a million miles away from firstsite – but then it is a million miles away on oh so many other fronts.

There is a fascinating psychogeographic history to the location and the arts – if that kind of topological bollocks rocks your boat.

For Friday evening however it will be the home for a series of photographs that very much celebrate and reflect on life on the streets of Colchester.

Working with Beacon House Ministries, the Arts Centre encouraged homeless people around our town to capture their Colchester perspective with a camera.

It’s an idea that is non-judgemental but will lead to some thought. Homelessness has made an unwelcome return over the past couple of years. We shouldn’t ignore it, and we shouldn’t ignore any attempt to highlight the issues involved.

The Queen Street exhibition will run through until 24 September.

The project also involves the screening of some films themed around the idea of life on the street. These will also take place at the old Queen Street Bus Depot.

The schedule includes:

26 August

A Streetcat Named Bob

Mad Max: Fury Road

2 September


9 September


16 September

The Motorcycle Diaries

23 September

Secret surprise kids film…

Thelma and Louise

It’s a BARGAIN £3 entry, £2 concessions and FREE for under-10’s.

And to complete the Street Hunt themed programme of events we have a series of Sunny Colch Street Tours.

Once again these question us to look around our town and to appreciate its beauty and challenges away from the usual twaddle that comes our way.

The Arts Centre has teamed up with the folk behind Jane’s Walk weekend to deliver a wonderful early autumn schedule:

2 September

Sustainable Colchester with Pam Nelson

Street Photography with Jonathan Doyle

3 September

Riots, Rebellions and Protests with Dorian Kelly

An (In)spire-rational tour with the brilliant LOON that is Richard DeDomenici

9 September

7am with Anthony Roberts, natch

Concrete Legacy with Kath Wood

10 September

Haunted Colchester with Rob Brown

16 September

Place, Story, Artefact with Sara Hayes

Sustainable Colchester and Green Living with Emily Harrup

17 September

Lost Theatres with Dorian Kelly

As for Street Hunt itself?

Buy the book, walk around the streets of Sunny Colch and stay clear of the £50k funding political tit-for-tat bollocks.

And finally…

The Arts Centre now has a random, anarchic podcast for you to enjoy.

Never Knowingly Understood, etc.


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