Carry on Campaigning

And so the Comrades of Colchester Labour have finally selected a candidate for the Shrub End by-election on 7 September.

Step forward local resident Mike Dale, filling the gap in those awkward #labourdoorstep selfies with the AWOL candidate.

Carry on Campaigning, Comrades, etc.

Mike stood in the not quite so Corbynista friendly ward of, um, Prettygate back in 2016.

He finished in fifth place with 599 votes – 1,038 votes behind the third place Tory, Cllr Roger Buston.

But it’s a mighty long way from the leafy Prettygate to the more rustic Shrub End.

The local CLP will be playing a game of political catch up, now that they finally have their man.

The Tories have already been parading Vic Flores around the ward; the LibDems likewise with Sam McCarthy.

It has been painful to see the #labourdoorstep ‘FANTASTIC RESPONSE’ tweets without a candidate in shot.

A few ‘seasonal difficulties’ have slowed down the process. Holidays have got in the way of the serious business of campaigning.

But you don’t win elections online – even if EVERY door step session is ‘FANTASTIC.’

And so why all the fuss about Shrub End in a bloody by-election that won’t change the composition of the Council?

As a reminder: WIN Shrub End and you WIN the momentum ahead of the next round of election by thirds in May 2018.

This is a winnable seat for all three political parties.

It won’t change the policies on the ground for the residents, but it will change the power battle currently taking place in the Town Hall between the administration and the opposition, and within Cabinet itself.

Happy campaigning, Comrades.

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