Shrub End Starting Orders

Righto – and so the ink has barely dried on the Notice of Election for Shrub End.

Is anyone up for this CBC by-election?

It would seem so…

The vacancy has come about after the resignation of LibDem Cllr Karen Chaplin.

Which was… ‘unfortunate.’

Especially so for the Love Me I’m a Liberal Lot. The last thing they want right now at the Town Hall is another bloody by-election.

The results from the ‘all outs’ back in 2016 suggest that this should be a two horse race between the LibDems and the Tories.

But 2016 was a long, long time ago in both local and national political circles.

The Chronic has grown a beard, shaved a beard and then grown it back again in this timeframe.

And we still haven’t got the CHUFFERS what is meant by Brexit.

Or even a joined up wheelie bin policy in the borough…

Looking back to May 2016 and we see that the good folk of Shrub End returned LibDem Cllr Lyn Barton with an impressive 960 votes.

LibDem Cllr Chaplin came second on 569 and Conservative Cllr Pauline Hazell third with 526 votes.

You have to work your eyes down the list all the way to 9th spot to see the first Labour candidate appear. Bruce Tuxford received 324 votes.

Even the bloody UKIP candidate received more votes than the top placed Comrade.

And so why is the local CLP out in force around Shrub End?

It’s all about Tim, Jezza, innit?

And Dave.

Labour’s Cllr Dave Harris’s Maypole Division for ECC covers the Shrub End CBC ward. Dave is a top campaigner and can work the doorstep.

Plus this will be something of a Sate of the Parties poll ahead of the next BONKERS election by thirds in May 2018.

It is the reason that all three parties are taking it so seriously. Win Shrub End and you gain the momentum for nine months time.

A win for Labour would also lead to a reasonable request for an extra seat at Cabinet. It would be interesting to see who is next in line in the talent pool, plus who would get the boot from the top table.

One senior CBC Cabinet member has already tried his luck in trying to oust a political rival from Cabinet.

Nice people…

Add into the equation a washed up national Tory party, the Corbyn Wave (which saw the unlikely victory of Lee Scordis in the ECC Abbey Division) and a wtf LibDem party nationally, and well – anything is possible.

And so who are the candidates when Shrub End goes to the polls on 7 September?

The Tories have put up Vic Flores. His political rivals have already labelled him an online troll.

Anyone who heard the close of the CBC Full Council meeting last Wednesday will know who the real trolls are.

It is refreshing to see the LibDems select some young talent in Sam McCarthy. If elections were fought and won on facial hair alone then Sam is yer man.

As for the Comrades of Colchester Labour?


Apparently interest has been so high that the selection process is still taking place.

Or something.

Remember how the local CLP delayed and dithered before announcing a GE candidate back in June?

Some fella called Tim did rather well.

This election has already been dubbed the Wheelie Bin Referendum by some [um, The Chronic.]

We don’t think that Brexit concerns will play out very well on the Shrub End doorstep.

Some interesting exchanges have already taken place online.

But hey!

Don’t worry, Little People.

Everyone will kiss and make up and work together around the Cabinet table once the Shrub End political bun fight has been cleaned up.

Plus does anyone know who actually called the election? Ten names and all that.

Which party triggered this?

Comments, below…

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