Northern Gateway… again

The next hurdle for the Northern Gateway should get the green light when CBC Cabinet meets at the Town Hall on 9 August.

It’s a long running saga that would have gone to penalties many months ago if this was a football match.

The SEXY Colchester Northern Gateway (North) Sports Development Project Review is up for consideration by the LibLabIndie love in of a Cabinet.

As with all things Cabinet, plenty of discussion will take place, concluded by Cabinet AGREEING on the detail in the Officer’s report [pdf].

It’s how #localgov works, innit?

It should all be plain sailing:

“To update revised funding ahead of the planning application.”


But wait! What’s this?

The Cabinet report slips in the minor detail of:

“Reducing capital costs.”

A good payer is master of another’s purse, etc.

It seems that the pounds and pence for the flagship CBC leisure scheme aren’t quite totting up.


CBC appointed a design, environmental, engineering and costs specialist [SNAZZY] in March of this year.

They are probably playing them a fair price, leading to the cost for the Northern Gateway to be revised.

The situation seems so serious that the report states that holting the project was considered.

Other options were to postpone the Northern Gateway whilst another funding source was looked into; a third option was to focus on rugby and cycling only.

But never let it be said that the LibLabIndie love in is nothing but an inclusive lot.

And so instead we have…

We have, we have…


We’re not entirely sure tbh.

Open democracy at the Town Hall means that when cut comes to chase at Cabinet, the Little People will be thrown out of the Grand Jury Room.

We aren’t allowed to listen – or report – on the finer details.

Good this, innit?

All that we know is that:

“Officers are are continually seeking new sources.”

This sounds remarkably like the Creative Business Centre at 37 Queen Street.

In the end it was those nice Tories at ECC that bailed out the LibLabIndie love in.

We can’t quite see this happening this time round up at the Northern Gateway.

Planning is expected late in 2017; a final handover is scheduled for March 2019.

#WillBlogForMoney etc.

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