On the Make at the Mercury

The play wot I wrote only went and won.


Not quite.

But it could be YOU that picks up the prize as part of the Mercury Theatre’s Playwriting Prize for 2017.

Everyone’s favourite medium sized provincial theatre [phew] has partnered up with the University.

On offer is the prestigious title of becoming the Mercury’s Associate Artist for a year. Plus £2k to line your back pocket as you prop up the Mercury bar with your new luvvie besties.

The winner will see their production performed in the Mercury’s new ‘intimate’ studio.

We are already penning a blockbusting script detailing the high drama of a Borough Council Budget setting meeting.

And they all lived happily ever after…

Ha, bloody ha.

The Mercury’s competition is open to ‘anyone in the South East, 16 plus.’

You don’t want to get too parochial about your own patch. It would be decent if someone from Colchester won, rather than say Chichester.

Our area isn’t short on rising talent, either. Young Tom Chambers picked up praise for penning the Wivenhoe pantomime this year.

You will need to submit a script for a 90 minute production. That’s quite some commitment.

But don’t worry – the deadline is not until the end of the month.

The winner is announced on 2 June.

Mercury rising, etc.

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