University Hillsborough Seminar

A brief plug for an open event taking place up on campus at the University on 8 March:

Hillsborough: Resisting Injustice, Recovering Truth with Professor Phil Scraton as part of the Criminology Seminar Series.

The good Prof works at the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Queens University. He was a member of the Hillsborough Independent Panel and headed its research.

In short: he knows his stuff.

It may sound stuffy slipping into a University ‘seminar.’ The reality is that these events are very relaxed. You won’t be asked to sit an exam on the way out…

The seminar is described as ‘open’. We are not in danger of missing out on an honorary degree by saying that most events up on campus are ‘open.’

Apart from gaining a degree, that is…

We’re pretty lucky to have an international facility right on our doorstep.

And it’s not all sociological seminars on Hillsborough either. The full schedule of open events can be seen over here.

The event next Wednesday with Prof Scraton starts at 6pm in Lecture Theatre Block 6. That’s the big building at the bottom of the slope down from the Sports Centre.

Once again – all are welcome.

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